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Top NGOs offering Scholarships

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Was your school life fun? Do you think your college life was a blast? Well, if you are one of those kids who consider their educational phase as one which was considerably boring and unworthy, you are taking your life for granted. There are hundreds of students all over the country who have had to give up their higher education due to the lack of financial stability. In such a case, a scholarship provided to the deserving person in need is nothing short of a blessing. Apart from scholarships provided by the state, there are several NGOs offering scholarships that constantly strive to provide the deserving students the access to financial means, which can help them accomplish their dreams and ambitions of education.

Non-Profit Organizations providing Scholarships to Indian Students

Some of the main NGOs offering scholarships who have started and shared their scholarship schemes on our platform include the following:

Magic Bus Foundation: This foundation has been established to provide children with an opportunity to explore the extent to which education can be used for their own personal empowerment. They are involved in conducting activities and mentorship programs which can be used in order to spread awareness about teaching methods that are unconventional and innovative in nature. The foundation also forms a bridge between the aspirations of individuals and the realms of job opportunities that they would like to explore. The foundation is also based on teaching children about elements such as life-skills and personality development.

Bright Life Foundation: This foundation is an Indian NGO, which has undertaken considerable measures to create an atmosphere for nurturing disadvantaged children across the country. By placing the need to empower disadvantaged children as the primary focus of community support, Bright Life Foundation has been able to introduce financial grants, loans, and packages for the educational upbringing, health care, and protection of children who do not have the means to fend for themselves. This is one of those NGOs offering Scholarships and Educational Aid which is passionate about rural and sub-urban underprivileged more than other segments. These children include beggars, rag pickers, victims of abuse, orphans, child laborers, and so on.

Would you like to help out someone who deserves a second chance at learning and development? Learn more and lend a helping hand by checking this link out:


Aga Khan Foundation: Aga Khan Foundation is an international body which is working to provide community support for students and individuals in numerous countries for developmental problems and issues related to sectors like healthcare, education, rural development, civil society and so on. One of their main areas of support involves the use of innovative methods of community involvement to solve developmental problems. The foundation has started to provide financial help to students in a few selected developing countries so that they can continue and flourish in their educational endeavors. The application processes for scholarships is done in a competitive manner on a “first come, first served” basis. The financial grants are usually directed towards helping students complete their Master’s level education without hassles, even though Ph.D. and higher educational development are also at the crux of the program as a whole.

If you would like to give a helping hand to someone, check the link below:


More such NGOs offering Scholarships and Education opportunities to students across the nation are:-

ShikshaDaan Foundation: This foundation has been established in order to ensure that children and students are given the opportunity to gain access to financial resources so that they can complete their education in a wholesome way. It is an online as well as an offline platform used to connect students who are looking for financial resources and those who are willing to provide financial assistance in order to create a change in the society. The platform is also a haven for those individuals who would like to impart their knowledge and would like to teach individuals about different skills that they have practiced and progressed in. This includes individuals, who have explored and enhanced their skills in practices such as carpentry, painting, music, masonry and so on.

If you would like to be a part of the same and want to give an opportunity for someone to benefit from the work of the foundation:


Azim Premji Foundation: The Azim Premji Foundation was created to initiate and sustain large-scale changes in the educational sector by working on empowering institutions and students to understand and embrace education itself in a new light.  They have done a considerable amount of work by partnering with governmental entities, along with research centers and institutions across the country to bring about a wave of change in the educational sector as a whole. The fellowship program started by the Azim Premji Foundation is a chance for individuals to be a part of the change by joining hands with the foundation. This fellowship has been created to provide an experience building platform in the social and educational sector, for individuals from various backgrounds. The two-year fellowship program has been designed to help people understand that they can make a change if they are passionate enough to avail the support of an entire community.

Would you like to be a part of the change? Then click on the link below:


BabulalNagarmalSatnalika Foundation: The main aim of this foundation is to empower underprivileged children across the country so that they can avail the benefits of primary and secondary education. The foundation constantly strives to increase awareness about the plight of disadvantaged students across the various sectors of society, so that corporations, NGOs offering scholarships and private institutions working for the educational cause, can be channeled for their cause. This is done by creating local groups across the country. Moreover, they also conduct numerous programs in the country to draw the attention of foreign bodies and communities to invest in and take part in the empowerment of underprivileged children in India.

To know more about the scholarships that this foundation provides, click the link below:


Thus, for the aspiring and capable, there are many doors and windows to success. Apart from these NGOs offering Scholarships, many foundations function at local levels to provide help to the seeking students. This just reinforces the belief, where there is a will, there is a way.

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