E-Grantz – A Web-Based Grant Distribution Portal of Kerala

E-Grantz portal is a dedicated online portal run by the SC/ST/OBC Development Departments of Government of Kerala for centralised disbursement of scholarships and stipends to students within the state. The portal allows the students belonging to reserved categories to apply for the scholarships available at post-matriculation level online. Also, if a student is unable to submit the online application, the E-Grantz portal provides the provision for the institutions to enter the application on student’s behalf. Over the years, the portal has benefitted over 3 Lakh students studying across 3400+ institutions in Kerala. However, with the launch of its new version named E-Grantz 3.0, it is expected to influence the lives of many more deserving students.

What are the features of E-Grantz portal? How can you apply for a scholarship through E-Grantz? What is the amount of financial assistance given to students? When can a student apply for the scholarships? Get in-depth knowledge of every relevant detail related to the portal in this article. It highlights the details of scholarships available on it, their eligibility criteria, step-by-step application process, award details, application status and more.

E-Grantz – Scholarship Details

The E-Grantz portal only enlists post-matric scholarship for the students belonging to SC, OBC, OEC and other economically and socially backward classes. The amount of financial assistance that is given to students through these schemes varies based on your category and current academic qualification. Furthermore, with the help of this advanced platform, the selected students receive the scholarship amount directly into their account through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

Application Timeline: Within a week of taking an admission in any of the courses listed.

E-Grantz – Key Eligibility

The scholarships and schemes available on the E-Grantz portal have a pre-defined set of eligibility conditions that you need to fulfil to apply for them. These conditions are primarily based on your current academic qualification, domicile, the category to which you belong and family income. The table below highlights detailed eligibility conditions for the scholarships available on E-Grantz. Depending on your fulfilment of these conditions, you can move ahead and apply for them as specified.

Detailed Eligibility Criteria of E-Grantz Scholarship

S.No. Particulars Details
1. Academic Qualification
  • The students studying at the post-matriculation level of studies from a recognised university/board are eligible to apply.
  • They must have taken admission under merit and reservation quota.
2. Domicile Kerala
3. Categories Eligible Scheduled Caste (SC), Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Other Eligible Communities (OECs) and other socially/economically backward communities.
4. Income Criteria
  • For students belonging to SC and OECs, there is no income limitation.
  • For students belonging to OBC category – The income limit is INR 1 Lakh per annum for +2 course, Degree, PG and Professional courses.
  • For students belonging to other categories – The income limit is INR 1 Lakh for +2 course, Degree, PG and Professional courses.
5. Courses Eligible
  • Degree, Diploma, Doctoral, Higher Secondary, Polytechnic, Post Graduate, Professional and VHSE courses.
  • To know more, refer to the E-Grantz portal.
6. Institutions Eligible Refer to the E-Grantz portal.

E-Grantz – Application Process

What are the steps that a student should follow to apply for a scholarship available at E-Grantz? What are the details that you need to keep in mind while filling the online scholarship application? Get a detailed step-by-step application procedure for E-Grantz scholarships hereunder. Also, if you are unable to fill the application online and you are studying at an institution listed on the portal, you can submit your application through the institution.

Step 1: One-time registration

  • Visit the E-Grantz 3.0 portal.
  • Click on “One-Time Registration” button given in the bottom.
  • Provide student’s Aadhaar number and name (as on Aadhaar).
  • Click on “Validate Aadhaar”.
  • Fill in further required details such as mobile number, birth date, email id and password.
  • Click on “Register”.
E-Grantz - One-Time Registration
E-Grantz – One-Time Registration

Step 2: Student Login

  • After the successful registration, the students need to log in to the user dashboard by using the registered email id and password.

Step 3: Complete the Profile

  • After successful login, the students are required to complete their profile.
  • Fill in all required details mentioned in the five sections namely, basic details, other details, bank details, upload details and institution details.
E-Grantz - Profile Completion
E-Grantz – Profile Completion

Step 4: Apply for the scholarship

  • After completing the profile, the students are required to click on “Apply for Scholarships – Post-Matric”.
  • A list of scholarships for which the students are eligible to apply will appear.
  • Select the scholarship you want to apply for and start the application.
  • Fill in all required details.
  • Upload all supporting documents.
  • Finally, submit the application form.

E-Grantz – Rewards

What kind of financial assistance do students receive through E-Grantz scholarships? Depending upon your current academic qualification and the category to which you belong, the scholarship amount may vary. A brief detail about the scholarship awards is mentioned hereunder –

For students belonging to SC and OEC category –
  • The rate of the stipend is INR 630 for students who study in a college below 8 kms from their residence.
  • INR 750 to students who study in a college above 8 kms from their residence.
  • The students, who are pursuing professional courses and are residing on their own get INR 1500 as the stipend.
For students belonging to OBC category –
  • INR 160 is given as the stipend to students pursuing +2 courses.
  • The students pursuing PG or professional courses get up to INR 250.
  • The students pursuing polytechnic course get up to INR 150.

E-Grantz – Application Status

The portal not only acquaints the students to apply for the scholarships but also enables them to check their real-time application status online. How can you check the status of your scholarship application at E-Grantz? What are the steps to be followed for the same? The answer to all your questions related to checking the status of scholarship application online at E-Grantz is mentioned hereunder –

Step 1: Visit the E-Grantz 3.0 portal.

Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar number and the date of birth.

Step 3: Click on “Track Application”.

Step 4: The details of your scholarship applications will appear on the screen containing information like application number, scheme name, student’s name, application location, date of application received, application status and remarks.

E-Grantz – Contact Details

In case of any query related to the portal or its scholarships, feel free to contact the provider on the below-given contact details –



Museum-Nandhavanam Road, Nandhavanam, Vikasbhavan P O, Thiruvananthapuram-695033

E-mail: egrantz3.0helpline@gmail.com

TOLL-FREE (ST Department): 1800 425 2312


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