A state scholarship is a broad category of scholarships that comprises the list of scholarships offered by different state governments and other private organisations for respective states. You can find your state-specific scholarship in the list given below, irrespective of the class, caste or gender to which you belong. Given hereunder is a compilation of all relevant information about scholarships of different Indian states and UTs. Depending on the state to which you belong, you can look up for scholarships to fund your further education.

Browse through this extensive collection of UP scholarship, Andhra Pradesh (AP) scholarship, Maharashtra scholarship, Delhi scholarship, Madhya Pradesh (MP) scholarship, Gujarat scholarship, Rajasthan scholarship and more hereunder.

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State Scholarship – QnA

Q1. What is a state scholarship?

A. A state scholarship refers to the scholarship that is applicable only for students of that specific state. It can be either a government-funded scholarship or private scholarship. Explore the wide range of state scholarships be referring to the list above.

Q2. Who are eligible to apply for a state scholarship?

A. Each state scholarship comes with certain eligibility conditions that may vary. However, one key condition that is applicable for all state scholarships is that the student must be a domicile of that respective state.

Q3. Where can a student apply for a state scholarship? 

A. The application process for each state scholarship varies from state to state. While most of the state governments run their respective scholarship portals for online application, the applications for other scholarships are invited through their respective websites or through offline mode.

Q4. Can a student of MP domicile apply for a UP state scholarship?

A. No, the students who are domiciled in Madhya Pradesh state cannot apply for the state-specific scholarships of any other state.

Q5. If a student of Maharashtra domicile is studying outside the state, can he apply for Maharashtra scholarship?

A. Yes, if the student with an MP domicile is studying outside the state, he/she can apply for some scholarships considering their respective eligibility.