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How to fill a scholarship application form?

Every year, thousands of scholarship application forms are getting rejected in India for reasons that are easily avoidable yet far too common – non-fulfilment of eligibility criteria, discrepancy in the details provided, or simply failing to fill in all the required fields. As a result, many an aspiration is crushed at this crucial first step itself.

A correctly filled application form is a primary requirement for an aspirant to stand any chance of winning a scholarship.

Both online and offline scholarship applications require a variety of conditions to be fulfilled. Though the application procedure may differ from scholarship to scholarship, here are few basic steps that you should adopt while filling up the scholarship application form:

Get to know about the scholarship

Prior to filling any scholarship application form, you should know every bit of information available about it. Go through the respective scholarship website carefully and make a list of necessary documents and information you require to apply.

Go through the application guidelines (if provided)

At times, some scholarship providers offer complete application guidelines for students to ease out the process of application for them. Carefully going through these guidelines before applying will tremendously reduce the chances of errors occurring in your application.

Prepare all your accomplishments

Most scholarships require supporting documents in a prescribed format as proof for all academic and personal information stated in your application and the important information that is necessarily required to apply for the scholarship. These may include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Educational qualification details

Mark sheets and certificates of educational qualification

Identity proof

Family income certificate

Caste certificate

Admission letter

Essay submission

Letter of recommendations

Applicant’s photograph

Note: Keeping a scanned copy of all the important documents as per the specified size guidelines is advisable to avoid rejections, in case of online applications. For offline applications, you need to have photocopies of the required documents.

Keep an eye on the deadline

All scholarship applications come with a deadline. To avoid any last-minute rush and other hurdles, you are suggested to fill your scholarship application form as early as possible. However, in any circumstance, if you are unable to do that, make sure you give yourself enough buffer to not miss the deadline.

Start filling the form

Once you’ve all information and documents on hand, you can begin the application procedure. We recommend you to be very vigilant while filling up the details, as any discrepancy may lead your form to be rejected. If filling offline application form, you need to make sure that you avoid any overwriting in it.

Do proofread before submission

Are you done with all the mandatory details required in the application form? If yes, then do a thorough proof-check of the application form once again before final submission. There’s always a chance of human error; a thorough proofread can rectify these errors, though, before being submitted.

Following these steps and paying attention to all details can ensure that you cross this first hurdle successfully, with a chance to win your dream scholarship.

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