Obtaining a Bonafide Certificate: Essential Documentation Guide

Ram is planning to apply for a Financial Support Scheme (FSS), which is aimed at assisting students with an annual family income below ₹8 lakh. He is feeling eager to take advantage of the scheme and help alleviate the financial burden on his parents. To apply, he has to provide essential documentation, including Economically Backward Class/Other Backward Class-Non-Creamy Layer certificates, income tax returns, PAN cards, an undertaking, bonafide certificate, mark sheet, fee receipt, and bank passbook.

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Ram is informed that the documentation required for the application includes a self-attested copy of EWS or annual family income certificate issued by a competent authority after March 31, 2024. He is informed that the notary-issued income certificates will not be accepted. He is required to produce other necessary documents including an undertaking signed by the applicant, a bonafide certificate signed by the head/director of the center/department/institute in the specified format on the official website etc.

Ram felt clueless about the bonafide certificate as a necessary requirement. He wondered if he had come across this relevant source of information earlier.

This article aims to assist numerous applicants on bonafide documents by outlining the processes involved in making it along with the general guidelines to avoid last-minute rush.

What is a Bonafide Certificate?

A bonafide certificate is also known as a bonafide letter. It is the official document issued by an educational institution or organisation to verify affiliation of the applicant with the entity. A bonafide certificate is often referred to as a proof of affiliation. It is a document that proves the legitimacy. For example, for a student, it is the proof of enrollment in a given class and course at a particular institution for a specified time. It is often required for various reasons, including admission related requirements, visa applications, job searches, and loan applications. It typically includes details like name of the individual, date of birth, ID number such as the student ID or employee ID, duration of association, and any other relevant information based on its intended purpose. A sample screenshot has been provided for the benefit of the user.

What is a Bonafide Certificate

Application of a Bonafide Certificate

The bonafide certificate is commonly used for the following purposes:

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  • For Students: In educational institutions, this certificate serves as a proof to verify the legitimacy of the enrollment, attendance, academic performance, and other intended aspects of a candidate. Students can also use it for securing scholarship benefits, application for educational loan programmes, availing internship opportunities, and even pursuing their studies further.
  • For Employees: In companies offering employment, a bonafide certificate serves as a ‘Verification Certificate’ for the employers. It offers legitimacy to current employment status, job title, start date, including other aspects of the employment details.
  • Visa and Immigration: While submitting an application for visa or immigration purposes, an individual may be required to submit a bonafide certificate as evidence of belongingness, residency and citizenship, current academic engagement of the student, and employment status etc. in the home country for producing proof of legitimacy to the destination country or institution.
  • Loan Applications: To assess the eligibility and reliability of a borrower in order to grant a loan, financial institutions often request for a bonafide certificate to ascertain current employment status, salary, and overall credit worthiness of the applicant. It acts as a crucial evidence towards their ability to repay the loan. Unavailability of this certificate may significantly impact the outcome of the loan approval process and interest rates offered.
  • Government Subsidy Schemes: For various government schemes including social welfare programmes, financial assistance, or other benefits, individuals are required to submit a bonafide certificate. It officially confirms that the applicants meet the required eligibility criteria, such as income thresholds or educational attainment etc.

bonafide school certificate form.

Types of Bonafide Certificate

Bonafide certificates are classified into following two major categories depending on the time period they cover:

  • Temporary Bonafide Certificate: It is issued for a maximum period of six months and can be renewed according to need on the basis of underlying conditions and required verification parameters.
  • Permanent Bonafide Certificate: This is valid throughout the course of a programme, employment or the intended duration it seeks to serve.

How to Apply for a Bonafide Certificate?

The issuance of bonafide certificates to students adheres to the individual policies and procedures established by their respective educational institutions. Nonetheless, a general framework of the processes meant for such applications is mentioned below.

  • Submission of a Formal Request: Applicants are required to initiate the process by submitting a formal request in writing, often addressed to the designated administrative office or the Head of Institution. The formal request should clearly state the purpose meant for acquiring the bonafide certificate.

Some of the institutions may provide a dedicated application form to obtain a bonafide certificate which is required to be submitted by the applicant along with the request. This form typically gathers relevant information such as student details, course enrollment, and the intended use of the certificate.

  • Submission of Supporting Documents: Depending on the purpose and institutional requirements, students might be required to submit supporting documentation like proof of enrollment, academic transcripts, or fee payment receipts.
  • Processing and Issuance: Upon receipt of the request, the designated institutional authority processes the application and issues the bonafide certificate within the stipulated time frame.
Important Note:- Certain institutions may charge a nominal fee for issuing bonafide certificates. In such instances, the applicable fee should be paid along with the submission of the application form.

How to Apply for a Bonafide Certificate

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Essential Documents to Obtain a Bonafide Certificate

The documents required by an educational institution to issue a बोनाफाइड सर्टिफिकेट may vary depending on the specific policies and procedures of the institution. However, common documents that students may need to provide include the following:

  • A duly filled application form
  • Student identity card or enrollment number
  • Enrollment details such as confirmation letter, semester registration receipt, monthly/semester fee receipt, etc.
  • Marksheet of previous qualifying examination (if applicable)
  • Government ID proof such as Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, etc. (If applicable)

What if the institution does not have an application form or a format?

In the absence of a dedicated application format, students can still acquire a bonafide certificate through effective communication with the administrative office of the institution. This process generally involves the following steps:

  • The students are required to contact the administrative office responsible for handling such requests to ascertain the specific procedure.
  • Once instructed, students must gather all the relevant information, including their full name, student ID, enrollment details, and the intended purpose of the requirement.

What if the institution does not have an application form or a format

  • Applicants should submit the request in the given format in-person, through email, or other specified channels as per the required mode of submission. They should follow up with the administrative office thereafter to get the document on time.

In the conclusion part, it would be worth mentioning the fact that  acquiring a बोनाफाइड सर्टिफिकेट is not merely a bureaucratic formality but an essential documentation process crucial for various purposes. By understanding the significance of this document and following the outlined guidelines, interested applicants can navigate the application process effectively and ensure timely access and availability of this important credential. Whether for academic pursuits, employment opportunities, or official requirements, a बोनाफाइड सर्टिफिकेट serves as a valuable asset in facilitating smooth transitions and achieving desired objectives.

वास्तविक प्रमाणपत्र (बोनाफाइड सर्टिफिकेट) – उपयोग, प्रकार एवं बनाने की प्रक्रिया!


Why is it called a ‘Bonafide’?

Ans. The word ‘Bonafide’ in Latin means ‘in good faith’. It is also a synonym for the word ‘Genuine.’

What information does a bonafide certificate contain?

Ans. A bonafide certificate contains the name of the recipient, the information of the issuing authority, year or month and the date of issue, an authorised signature, and other relevant details.

Who issues a bonafide certificate?

Ans. A बोनाफाइड सर्टिफिकेट provides legitimacy of association of the applicants with an organisation. It is issued by the official authorities of the concerned organisation, institution or the university.

Is it possible to acquire a bonafide certificate online?

Ans. It is entirely possible to get a bonafide certificate online if the institution offers such a provision. As an applicant, it is advised to follow the required guideline. The procedural requirements for an online application remain the same.

Are on-campus students the only ones who can apply for a bonafide certificate?

Ans. The concerned institution can issue a bonafide certificate for full-time, part time, on-campus or off-campus students if the applicant is enrolled in a course, programme or share association in any manner of work or a project.

What are the common uses of a bonafide certificate?

Ans. Bonafide certificate holds multiple values. It is commonly required at the time of seeking admission or employment, availing student loans, scholarships, rent subsidies, extending visa, visa applications, student travel discounts or seeking migration to a new university etc.

Is a bonafide certificate a necessary requirement for a student?

Ans. Yes, students seeking admission to other educational institutions may be required to submit a बोनाफाइड सर्टिफिकेट. This document is commonly requested at the time of application to scholarship programmes, loan schemes, financial aid etc.

Are bonafide certificates similar to a transfer certificate?

Ans. No, a transfer certificate serves as proof that an individual was enrolled in an institution for a specific period. It is issued after the individual has completed his studies at the institution or as the case may. On the other hand, a bonafide certificate confirms the legitimacy of the association of an individual  with regard to intended purpose. It is issued while the applicant may or may not be actively associated with the institution.


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