Jnanabhumi Application Status – Procedure, Benefits, Other Details

Jnanabhumi is a highly credible online scholarship portal which is managed by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The portal enlists various pre-matric and post-matric schemes meant for the upliftment of students from financially-weak backgrounds. Eligible candidates can easily login at the portal and avail the various benefits of the scholarship portal. Although there are many benefits of the Jnanabhumi portal, the most student-friendly feature available at the portal is the “Jnanabhumi Application Status”.

The “Jnanabhumi Application Status” feature acts as a median between the portal and the students. Through this facility, candidates can easily track the real time status of the scholarships they have applied for. After successfully registering at the scholarship portal, candidates can login at the portal using their application ID and generated password. With the help of these login credentials, candidates can easily check the scholarship status and other relevant crucial details like the date of disbursement of the applied scholarship, the amount of scholarship etc.

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JnanaBhumi – Some key scholarships enlisted on the portal

Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/BC/Minorities/Kapu/EBC/Differently-abled studentsGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/BC/Differently-abled studentsGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
YSR Vidyonnathi SchemeGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi SchemeGovernment of Andhra Pradesh

JnanaBhumi login – How to login?

After the successful completion of the scholarship application form submission, students can login to the JnanaBhumi portal quite easily. 

To do so, you must follow the below steps – 

  • Enter the user email ID and password, which are generated at the time of the registration/application process. 
  • Next, enter the captcha code which is given below the “password” bar. You will be directed to your profile. 
  • After successfully logging into your profile, you can proceed to click on the “Application Status” icon. 

JnanaBhumi Application Status – Further Details

1.) Visit the official website- Jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in.

2.) Click on the ‘Login’ tab mentioned in the top right corner of the home page.

3.) Then, enter the user email ID and password, which are generated at the time of the registration/application process. 

4.) Enter the given “Captha code” and you will be successfully directed to your profile.

5.) Next, scroll to the “Application Status” option.

6.) Click on the link and your real-time scholarship status will appear on the screen.

7.) Some of the details which you can check are- 

  • Time remaining in the disbursement of the scholarship amount
  • Total amount of the scholarship
  • Name of the applied scholarship
  • Reason behind the delay in the disbursement of the scholarship amount (if any)
  • Candidate’s details

Note: Any crucial updates regarding the status will also be sent to the applicants email address or the registered phone number.

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JnanaBhumi Application Status- Benefits

Some of the crucial benefits of the “Jnanabhumi Application Status” feature are given below-

  • Ensures Transparency – Candidates can easily check the status of their applied scholarship, making the process quite transparent and credible.
  • Acts as a median – The “Application Status” option available at the Jnanabhumi portal acts as a median between the portal and the students. Thus, candidates don’t need to constantly use the portal’s helpline to know the status of their application status. They can easily login at the portal and know the real-time status of your applied scholarship without any hassles.

Provides accurate information – The “Application Status” section at the Jnanabhumi portal provides accurate and updated information. Thus, candidates must regularly keep a check on this section to stay aware about the time of receiving the allotted scholarship amount.

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JnanaBhumi Application Status – FAQs

How do I check the Jnanabhumi application status at the official portal?

You must visit the official website- Jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in and login to your profile using the application ID and the password generated at the time of application process. Further, match the given captcha code and login at your profile. Then, scroll down and click on the “Application status” section. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to a page showcasing all the important details of your real-time application status.

Can I also receive the Jnanabhumi application status updates on my mobile number?

Yes, you will receive all the updates concerning your application status on your registered mobile number (filled in the application form).

Is the date of the disbursement of scholarship amount mentioned in the Janambhumi application status?

Yes, the date of the disbursement of the scholarship amount is mentioned in the Janambhumi application status. Also, if there is any delay in the process, then the reason for delay will also be mentioned in the real-time status of your applied scholarship.