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Bhawana Vats

Top scholarships for UG students you need to know about

There is a surge in the number of scholarships for UG students every year. The scholarships are disbursed by mostly three entities:…

3 years ago

How government scholarships can help build your career?

Every year the government is spending about INR 19,000 crore on scholarships with the objective “Every student matters; every student…

3 years ago

Top government minority scholarship for Indian students

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” A quote by G.…

3 years ago

Top colleges to study Design outside India

A profession in Design might seem like a wonderfully idyllic and relaxed career choice, but in reality, it is not…

3 years ago

Ultimate guide to prepare for Defence (NDA/IMA)

A career in the Defence Forces as an officer has always had a place of honour and uprightness. Students, after…

3 years ago

Top colleges in India to study Banking, Finance and Insurance

For a developing country like India, banks are considered as the backbone of the economy. As the banking sector in…

3 years ago

6 Scholarships to simplify access to international education

Education is most basic and one of the most essential rights of every individual. While we agree on that, there…

4 years ago

Shikshadaan Meritorious Scholarship 2016 Finalist Candidates

We are happy to inform that following students have been selected for the final telephonic interview round of Shikshadaan Meritorious…

5 years ago

Arts Scholarships for Indian Students – All you need to Know

Arts Scholarships for Indian Students- Pursuing arts as a career can often be an expensive affair. In the realm of…

5 years ago

Competitive Exams For Further Studies After 12th

Question: List of Competitive Exams For Further Studies After 12th Answer: Competitive Exams For Further Studies After 12th Popular Entrance…

5 years ago