Arts Scholarships for Indian Students – All you need to Know

Arts Scholarships for Indian Students– Pursuing arts as a career can often be an expensive affair. In the realm of arts, it takes a while to kick-start your career and find that breakthrough moment that can help you achieve greatness in any particular form of expression. This uncertainty and lack of funds often make students give up their artistic talents for more mainstream pursuits. Arts Scholarships for Indian Students help artists dream free for their education ambitions.

Arts scholarships for Indians
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But we have a solution. Below is a list of ten arts scholarships for Indian students that will provide you with all the financial help that you may require to leap into the artistic abyss of creativity without worrying about a lack of opportunities.

Top 10 Arts Scholarships for Indian Students

1. CBSE Expression Series on Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda was an innovator, great scholar and one of the most remarkable individuals who made a significant difference in society. He had taken numerous steps during his period of association with various international and national entities to strengthen certain beliefs and values.

Scholarships for arts students in India
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Recognizing this, the Central Board of Secondary Education organizes an annual contest for students ranging from class 1st to 12th. In this contest, students strive to express the inspiration they have received from this great legend in the form of poetry, painting or essays. This contest is a great opportunity for artistically oriented students to showcase their skills. These arts scholarships for Indian Students offer an endowment of 2500 INR to winners along with participant certificates for all participants.

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2 . All India Sir Syed Essay Writing Competition

Sir Syed was a pragmatist, Islamic activist, philosopher and philanthropist in the nineteenth century.

Arts scholarships in India-Sir Syed Scholarship
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Inspired by the ideals and philosophies of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Aligarh Muslim University organizes an All India Essay Contest for the literary visionaries of India. The contest focuses on University level students, which includes undergraduate and post-graduate students.

The first prize is an endowment of 25,000 INR, while state-level winners get a funding of 5,000 INR each.

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3 . Peter Porter Poetry Prize

Poetry is an amazing and oft admired form of expression. However, it has not gained as much recognition and appreciation as an art form. The Peter Porter Poetry Contest offers Arts scholarships for Indian students who are well-endowed in poetry. Australian Book Review sponsors the prizes and the scholarships offered through this contest. This contest specifically targets English poets. The aim is to honor the works of the poet Peter Porter.

The first prize winner receives a cash prize of $5000, and all the shortlisted poets will receive a $500 prize for participation.

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4 . Adobe Youth Voices Awards:

The Adobe Youth Voices Awards is a competition conducted at a global level to honor the use creative skills on digital media. Adobe focuses on the youth and creativeness they possess through this contest. They appreciate inspirational, informational and solution-oriented work and art forms.

There are five categories, namely Animation, Documentary, Narrative, Venture, and Visual, to explore and win Arts Scholarships for Indian Students.

The endowments include:

  • All winners will receive the Adobe Creative Cloud software
  • Cash grants to non-profit organizations to support their vision for making a difference
  • Venture award winners achieve mentorship from Ashoka Youth Ventures
  • Winners and finalists will become eligible to apply for an Adobe Youth Voices Scholarship
  • The Adobe Youth Voices Scholarships Program supports the next generation of creative explorers with scholarships towards post-secondary education

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