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Top colleges to study Design outside India

A profession in Design might seem like a wonderfully idyllic and relaxed career choice, but in reality, it is not so as it involves a lot of hard work and creativity. So before you make the decision to get into this, you should first discover what it’s really all about. It is about creating things which are visually appealing –be it Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Multimedia, Industrial Design or Graphic Design.

To hone your designing skills, a number of colleges and universities are offering courses in Designing for students. They can pursue it either in online or distance learning mode or they can take it up as regular course. In general, the courses in Design are available in at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Many colleges also offer PhD or post-doctoral degrees in this field. To know more about such colleges and universities, here, we have prepared a list of top colleges offering courses in Designing outside India.

University of Adelaide, Australia

Established in 1874 and located at Adelaide, South Australia, this university offers courses related to Designing, Engineering and Computer Science at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. There are six different scholarships available from this university for international students.

University of West London

Established in 1860, this university in the United Kingdom offers Undergraduate courses such as BSc (Hons) in Architectural Design and Technology. This university also offers full time scholarships and bursaries up to 2225 British Pound to international students at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. This is the best modern university with 97% placement having higher starting salaries than other universities.

Murdoch University Australia

Established in July 1973 in Western Australia, this university offers Undergraduate courses in Gaming Software Design, Graphic Design. This university also has campus in Singapore and Dubai. This university offers scholarships, awards and prizes up to $11,000 to international students at Undergraduate, and Postgraduate levels. The scholarships are merit-cum-need-based.

La Trobe University, Australia

Established in 1964 and located in Melbourne, this university offers courses in Architectural Science and Digital Design. There are many scholarships available to study at La Trobe University. The scholarship amount ranges between $500 to $10,000. It has been ranked as world's top 360 universities with almost 8000 students from 110 countries.

University of Central Lancashire, UK

Established in 1828 in England, this is the 19th largest university in the UK, offering courses in Art, Design and Fashion. As part of a scholarship, the university offers 2,000 GBP per year to international students. The students do not have to follow any application process to apply for the scholarships, they have to apply for the course only.

Centennial College, Canada

Established in 1960 in Canada, this college offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses related to Architecture, Construction Management and Design. It offers scholarships to international students as well.

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