How to Find the Right Scholarship Opportunity? 

How to find the right scholarship opportunity?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by scholarships aspirants. Often, students who are in need of a scholarship face difficulties in finding a suitable scholarship to continue their education due to lack of sufficient and relevant information on this subject. As a result, though thousands of crores worth of scholarships are available for students to pursue education in India, they know very little about them. 

Thus, to consolidate every relevant information regarding scholarships at a single platform, both central and state governments have come up with their respective scholarship portals for effective and transparent implementation of various scholarship schemes. Furthermore, there are various other portals on the internet which offer scholarship information for the students, and Buddy4study is one of them. Read this article further to know how to find the right scholarship opportunity. 

How to Find the Right Scholarship Opportunity – Key Tips 

With the advent of the internet, searching for scholarship information is just a click away. However, finding the right or relevant information can be a bit difficult. There are a number of factors related to the scholarships that you must know while searching for a scholarship opportunity. Here are some key tips for you to make your scholarship search easier.   

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Tip #1: Search for the keywords

Keywords play a crucial role while searching for a scholarship on the internet. If you are not searching for the right keyword, you will never be able to find the right scholarship for yourself. Here is a compilation of some commonly searched keywords related to scholarships for different classes, categories, and locations –

List of Common Keywords to Search for Scholarships

Generic KeywordsKeywords related to academic qualificationLocation-specific Keywords
ScholarshipPre-Matric ScholarshipUP Scholarship
Scholarship for girlsPost-Matric ScholarshipMaharashtra Scholarship
School Scholarship Undergraduate ScholarshipGujarat Scholarship
College Scholarship Postgraduate ScholarshipMP Scholarship 
Study Abroad ScholarshipScholarship for Class 12Telangana Scholarship
International ScholarshipScholarship for Class 12 passed studentsRajasthan Scholarship
FellowshipEngineering ScholarshipWest Bengal Scholarship
National ScholarshipMBA ScholarshipDelhi Scholarship
Research ScholarshipMedical ScholarshipHaryana Scholarship
How to apply for scholarshipDiploma ScholarshipChandigarh Scholarship

Besides these, there are several other keywords as well that you can search to find the right scholarship for your academic pursuits. 

Tip #2: Always refer to the official sources

Once you search for the most relevant keyword, a handful of options will come up for you. It is advisable to always prefer the official websites of the scholarships to get relevant information about them. Even if you land on some different website, you can always look up for the official sources to confirm about the information available. 

Tip #3: Beware of fraudulent websites

Remember – No scholarship application requires you to pay any application fee, except when an applicant is supposed to take a scholarship examination for which he/she has to pay a minimal amount. If you are being asked to pay an amount as part of the scholarship application fee, please apply at your own risk. There are many such fraudulent websites that promise to offer scholarships to students and take application fees but end up not providing any scholarship. 

Thus, it is advisable to be very cautious and not fall into the trap of such websites.

Tip #4: Ask your School/College/University

Besides the internet, your next go-to place to enquire about the scholarship opportunities available is your school/college/university. Various scholarship providers offer scholarship information to schools, colleges and universities to gather eligible scholars for their respective scholarship programs. The institutions too put the scholarship information on their notice boards to spread awareness about them among students. 

Tip #5: Start your search today!

Lastly, don’t wait for the last minute to start searching for the right scholarship opportunity to fund your education. ‘Start your search today!’ is the mantra for you. Start your search as early as possible and gather every relevant information like application timeline, application process, eligibility criteria, etc., about the scholarships that match your academic requirements. This saves you from missing out the opportunity and any last-minute hassles. 

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How to Find the Right Scholarship Opportunity – Top Government Portals

Some of the popularly known government portals that look after the overall implementation and disbursement of various government schemes include the National Scholarship Portal, UP Scholarship Portal, Digital Gujarat Portal, Oasis portal of West Bengal, E-District portal of Delhi, MahaDBT portal of Maharashtra, etc. This section gives you a deeper insight about top government scholarship portal. 

How to Find the Right Scholarship Opportunity – National Scholarship Portal

The National Scholarship Portal or NSP is a nationally acclaimed scholarship platform of the Government of India that offers multiple scholarships offered by the central government, state governments and other government agencies like UGC and AICTE. The students from pan India can look up for scholarships on this portal. The steps to search for the right scholarship on National Scholarship Portal include – 

Step 1: Visit the official website of National Scholarship Portal. 

Step 2: Look up for various scholarship by clicking on any of the following tabs –

  • Central Schemes – To know about the scholarship schemes offered by the central government
  • UGC/AICTE Schemes – To know about the schemes offered by the UGC and AICTE
  • State Schemes – To know about the schemes offered by different state governments 

Step 3: Read the scholarship guidelines by clicking on the ‘Guideline’ tab given under each scholarship. 

Step 4: If you find yourself eligible for any scholarship, proceed to apply for it online. 

How to Find the Right Scholarship Opportunity – UP Scholarship Portal 

UP Scholarship Portal, also known as ‘Scholarship and Fee Reimbursement Online System’ or ‘Saksham’ portal is a dedicated portal of the Government of Uttar Pradesh for students who are domiciles of the state. If you belong to UP, you can look-up for both pre-matric and post-matric scholarships offered by the state government on this portal. The key steps to follow to search for the right scholarship on UP scholarship portal include –

Step 1: Visit the official website of UP scholarship portal. 

Step 2: Look up for scholarships available under the ‘Schemes’ tab. 

Step 3: Based on your educational qualification, select the most suitable tab under the ‘Schemes’ tab.

Step 4: Apply for the scholarship if you are eligible.

How to Find the Right Scholarship Opportunity – MahaDBT Scholarship Portal

MahaDBT or Aaple Sarkar DBT is yet another popular scholarship portal of the Government of Maharashtra that offers more than 35 scholarships for students studying at post-matriculation level. These scholarships are being offered by different departments of the state government for students who are domiciles of Maharashtra. If you are a resident of Maharashtra, you can look-up for various scholarship schemes offered by the Maharashtra government by following the steps below –

Step 1: Visit the official website of MahaDBT portal. 

Step 2: Click on the ‘Post-Matric Scholarship’ tab. You can now access the list of all the schemes offered by different departments. 

Step 3: Click on a scholarship scheme to read more details about it.

Step 4: If you find yourself eligible for any of the scholarships, then proceed to apply. 

How to Find the Right Scholarship Opportunity – Through Buddy4Study

The internet is loaded with numerous websites that offer scholarship information to students and Buddy4Study is one of them. Considered as India’s largest scholarship platform, the portal not only allows the users to find scholarship information but also gives access to curated scholarships that match with your current academic requirements. Since 2011, the portal is dedicated towards bridging the gap between the scholarship providers and the scholarship seekers. If you are looking for a suitable scholarship for your academic pursuits, here’s how you can do it through Buddy4Study –

Step 1: Visit the official website of Buddy4Study. 

Step 2: If not registered, click on the ‘Register’ button to register, or else click on the ‘Login’ button to log into the user dashboard. 

Step 3: Once logged in, please complete your profile. 

Step 4: Once your profile is complete, click on the ‘Matched Scholarship’ tab below the ‘My Profile’ tab. 

Step 5: You will get access to the scholarships that perfectly match with your academic requirements. 

Step 6: Click on the scholarship you want to apply for and read all its details carefully. 

Step 7: If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, proceed to click the ‘Apply Now’ button. You will not be redirected to the official application page of that scholarship. 

Step 8: Complete the application and submit. 

Important Note: 

  • You can also search for available scholarships by using the search button on our home page and selecting class, gender and country. 
  • We do not charge any fee from the students who are registering with us to know about the best-fit scholarships. 
  • Also, once the students are registered with Buddy4Study, they will get timely alerts about every new scholarship that comes up via email and SMS.