Case-study based teaching is core to our business programme: Prof Gal Raz, Dean, CLB, Israel

In this Interview with Buddy4Study, Prof Gal Raz, who is the Dean of the Business School at The College of Business and Law (CLB), Israel shares the differentiating factor of the business program offered by the institute. He also talks about the initiatives, CLB has taken to become the hot choice for international students interested in innovative learning and pursuing higher education in Israel.

Q: Please share details of your flagship undergraduate programme in Business and Law?

A: We are currently running undergraduate programs in Law and Business studies. While the Law programme is being provided in both Hebrew and English, the business programs is offered completely in the English language. Thus, our business programs is targeted to cater the international student community.

Q: How is your BA in Business programs different from those offered in India?

A: As you know, Israel is the hub for innovation and the country takes pride in being famed as ‘the start-up nation’. Our course design and pedagogy are the key differentiators for our program. Furthermore, incubators are central part of our program. Here, students are encouraged to experiment with new business ideas. They are mentored on their ideas, facilitated with industry exposure and meetings with potential investors.

Our method of teaching is based on the case-study method similar to the top institutions in the World such as Harvard, Darden and INSEAD.  We also develop our own case studies in collaboration with Ivey School of Business, which is well-know for developing case studies from around the world.

Prior to my tenure in Israel, I taught at some of the world’s finest institutions such as Kellogg School of Management, Darden Business School, the Australian School of Business, and Ivey Business School. I got the chance to teach Indian students both abroad (in the USA, Canada and Australia) and in India and witnessed firsthand their enthusiasm for learning and innovation. I believe that visiting Israel to learn at CLB will help Indian students develop their innovation-cum-business skills and learn how to build their own businesses to become world business leaders.

Q: Please share the course fee of your flagship program and any scholarship that you offer to international students?

A: We currently admit international students for our UG business program for which the course fee is about USD 30000. This is approximately USD 10000 per annum.

Q: Do you also offer scholarships for international students?

A: Yes. We offer scholarship of up to 90 per cent of program fee for deserving international students depending on their merit and family income.

Q: Why should an Institute in Israel be chosen over similar courses offered by high ranking institutions in other countries for international students?

A: We offer a dynamic study environment where we put a lot of emphasis on industry-academia collaborations at multiple stages of teaching and learning. Our case study-based method of teaching is similar to that in Harvard University and other leading universities in the world.

Further, we have collaborations with various institutes in the USA and Canada for our student exchange program. This brings international business exposure to our students as well.

Q: Israel’s continuing conflicts on border areas instill a sense of insecurity among students looking for admission in the country. How realistic is this concern?

A: I assure students from international community that the country is a very safe place to live and study in. Likewise, except a tiny portion of the border area, Israel is completely safe and secure place. As someone who has traveled all over India in the last decade, I can honestly say that Israel feels as safe as the safest places I have been in India.

Further, in order to ensure that prospective students get the chance to see what a wonderful place Israel is – we are planning to launch a pre-admission tour for applicants and their parents so that they can visit our college campus, feel the study environment here, meet our faculty and administration and see for themselves the ground reality before taking a final decision on admissions. This is aimed at keeping our system transparent.

Q: What is the kind of support you offer for work opportunities in Israel after completion of the business program from CLB?

A: While we offer complete support to students for internship opportunities with stipend, the work opportunities are open for students provided they get work visa for the country.