Scholarship Application – Key Mistakes to Avoid While Filling the Application Form 

A scholarship application forms the basis of your selection for the scholarship award. Even a small mistake in the application may lead to its rejection. Whether you fill wrong information in the scholarship application or fail to submit it within the stipulated timeline, in both the cases, the chances of your scholarship application getting rejected is high. Thus, students are advised to avoid any kind of mistake while filling the scholarship application form. 

Read this article further to know the key mistakes that you must avoid while filling your scholarship application. 

Scholarship Application 2021 – Filling partial/incorrect information

One of the most common mistakes that most of the students commit while filling a scholarship application form is providing incorrect or partial information. For example, the students may enter wrong details in fields like email ID, contact number, or even marks obtained at different stages of education. This generally happens due to the negligence on behalf of the students. Thus, students are always advised to double check the details filled in the application form before finally submitting it. 

Key details in an application form that require your keen attention include –

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Educational qualification details
  • Bank account details

Scholarship Application 2021 – Submit an incomplete application

This is yet another common mistake committed by students while filling a scholarship application form. This generally happens when students are in a hurry to submit the application. Whether you are applying online or via email, once you have submitted your application, you cannot bring changes in it. This is also one of the reasons why the scholarship applications get rejected. The best approach to avoid this mistake involves the following steps –

  • Be calm and stay focused while applying for the scholarship.
  • Don’t forget to cross check the scholarship application twice before submitting it.
  • Remember every small detail is important. So, avoid leaving any of the details blank. 

Scholarship Application 2021 – Missing out the scholarship deadline

Candidates have to apply within the scholarship deadline.However, most of the scholarship seekers end up missing out the deadline, which in turn dramatically reduces the chances of your success. Since all the scholarships come with different application deadlines, it may be difficult for the students to keep track of all of them. The best strategy that you can apply to avoid committing this mistake is to start the research beforehand.

Furthermore, if you are a registered member of Buddy4Study, you can leave the tedious task of tracking the deadline on us. You just need to create your profile on Buddy4Study and you will gain access to the scholarships matching with your profile. You can apply for them without missing their deadlines. You are also advised to keep note of those scholarships for which you are eligible.  

Scholarship Application 2021 – Providing a generic scholarship essay

Most of the scholarship applications require you to write an essay explaining why you deserve to win the scholarship. Considered as the most important element of a scholarship application, you need to be extra cautious while writing it. Simply providing a generic scholarship essay will not work out. You need to have an extra edge over others while writing the essay. Remember the following things while writing the essay –

  • Write a clear and precise essay as specified in the scholarship guideline. 
  • Don’t write the essay just for the sake of it. 
  • Not having extraordinary creative writing skills is OK. Just make sure that your essay has no grammatical mistakes and conveys your message clearly. 
  • Do not try to make-up things to get favors from the providers. Rather, try to be honest while mentioning any information. 
  • Try to make your essay unique by highlighting your achievements and goals in life. This may draw the attention of the providers. 
  • Make sure that your essay is inspiring. 

Scholarship Application 2021 – Uploading documents in wrong format/size

Almost each scholarship application demands from students to upload certain documents in support of the information provided in the application. These documents are generally related to identity proof, academic qualification proof, domicile proof, category proof, income proof, etc. One of the common errors that students make while uploading documents is related to their prescribed size and format. Either the type of file uploaded is not supported or it exceeds the size limit specified. 

Thus, the students are advised to prior check the size and format of the documents required and upload them accordingly. Though scanning of documents has become quite easy with different tools available, you may take professional help to upload the documents in the prescribed size/format. This will reduce the chances of your scholarship application getting rejected.

Scholarship Application 2021 – Applying for every scholarship available

With hundreds of scholarships available today, often students find it difficult to sift through the different options available and find the one which is relevant. Each scholarship comes with a different set of eligibility conditions. Apply only if you fulfil them. In case you apply for a scholarship, you are not eligible for, your effort of filling the best scholarship application form will get wasted. 

With Buddy4Study, you may stop yourself from committing this mistake as its registered users get a filtered list of best-fit scholarships under the ‘Matched Scholarship’ section. If you are not a registered member, CLICK HERE to register and complete your profile to get the scholarships matching with your profile. 

Scholarship Application 2021 – Not applying for any scholarship at all

There are plenty of students who do not apply for any scholarship at all due to various misconceptions and myths. Some of the common misconceptions that they have include –

  • They don’t stand a chance of getting the scholarship.
  • The process of scholarship disbursement will take time.
  • Not able to decide whether the scholarship is authentic or fake.
  • There is no scheme that matches their respective ambition or background. 

However, the reality is far different from this. With many corporations entering into the scholarship world, the students can now find scholarships for different career options and academic backgrounds. Furthermore, the chances of getting a scholarship will increase only if you apply for it. Thus, if you are eligible for any scholarship, simply apply for it. Even if you do not get one scholarship, you can keep trying anyway. 

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