Your small contribution can make a big change in someone’s life

Have you ever felt the need to escape the monotonous merry-go-round of mediocrity that we live in today? Or have you ever wished that the world was a better place to live in?

Nelson Mandela has rightly said that “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality prevail in this world, none of us can truly rest.”

For all of you who feel a similar unrest within you, we at Buddy4Study understand your concern.


Education Philanthropy in India
Education funding by CSR donations

We can help you take small but crucial steps towards achieving the larger goal of creating a better world, which we think is the most fundamental choice that each one of us needs to harness. However, we also understand that the choice and the chance to create a change in this world is very hard to come by. Therefore, we at Buddy4Study can help you empower those who are not privileged enough to make this choice for themselves.

While education is not necessarily the key to a better world, it certainly helps people to escape from the vicious circle of poverty that has entrapped countless people all over the world. Educating people can change their lives, in turn changing families, societies, and countries.

So, make a small contribution to help educate a child. You never know what a little push from people like you can bring out in these young minds. Just a gentle push in the form of monetary compensation can be a boon for children who can use this opportunity to pave a path towards a brighter future.

Designing and launching a scholarship can be a very personal matter, especially owing to the inspiration that comes from one’s own personal experiences. Be it a field of study or research that you are passionate about, or a particular part of society that you want to empower; the scholarship fund you create can be your gateway towards some serious change. You can also start a scholarship fund in the memory of a beloved person or in the name of your family, which can be a noble way of remembering and honoring them through your work.

However, starting a scholarship requires much more effort than just coming up with a name and an idea. It would require a considerable degree of planning as well as intricate structuring of processes and minute details to ensure that the fund receives the required attention it deserves. On the flipside, these reasons can also be the cause of hesitation for many agencies and individuals, even when they have the required resources and means to do so.

To make this process easier, we at Buddy4study, provide an easy mechanism to start, manage and review scholarships in India for those who have the means and the heart to do so. Here are the different steps that we can help you with as far as launching a scholarship is concerned:

Scholarship Management with Buddy4Study
Creating Scholarships for social impact

Creation: Our platform guides you through a step-by-step process of scholarship application form creation, that allows you to customize each and every detail of your scholarship according to your personal preferences. Through this, one can customize and tailor the intricate details of your scholarship fund, all the way from eligibility criteria to required student information. It allows you to unique setup stages of selecting students as per your wishes, needs, and comfort.

Management: After successfully creating a suitable application form for your scholarship, Buddy4Study helps you with the next process of managing the scholarship in a wholesome way. This aspect includes monitoring and short-listing the scholarship applicants with the help of filters and other online analytical tools that we have designed for your convenience. It also allows you to harness the power of triggers, such as SMS alerts and emails, which can be used to notify students about the scholarship and the application procedures for the same. These triggers are also useful tools for notifying students about rejection and selection alerts.

Review: This step in the process is where our platform allows you to conduct and organize numerous offline as well as online review processes for the students who have applied for your scholarship. It also offers tools to generate analytical reports based on criteria like income, gender or demographics. The platform also provides you with the opportunity of conducting telephonic interviews as well as face-to-face interviews with the students who have passed the online selection criteria. Lastly, the online review mechanism also helps in the disbursement of funds to the selected students.

If you have an idea or an immense urge to make a change in society, get in touch with us and set your initiative in motion.