Top colleges to study Medicine and Health Science outside India

Pursuing a degree in Medicine and Health Science is always considered as a predominant route to career success in India. Regarded as a noble profession worldwide, Medicine and Health Science has always been incredibly rewarding not only in monetary terms but also in other ways too.

While a cut-throat competition exists in India for getting an admission to top medical and health science colleges, finding education opportunities abroad is also not that easy. A student may come across numerous difficulties in getting an offer of study at an international university. In that case, they need to search for the best international colleges to pursue Medicine and Health Science.

Before you head start your search for the right international college, you can have a look at the below compiled list of top ranked colleges to study Medicine and Health Science outside India:

University of Oxford

Known for its traditional medicine course that splits into the pre-clinical and the clinical stages, the University of Oxford always remains the top choice amongst students in India. Housing two major libraries for clinical and medicine studies — one is famous for its resources related to the pre-clinical elements and the other focuses on healthcare — the University of Oxford offers one-of-its-kind experience of college life to its students where small tutorials and social events take place.

Harvard University

Founded in the year 1782, the Graduate Medical School of Harvard University is the third oldest medical school in the US. To accomplish its mission to educate, research and provide clinical care, the school has four major teaching hospitals across the Boston area that incorporates problem-based learning into the curriculum.

Occupying a top ranking at international level, the University can also be a priority choice for students when it comes to the study of medicine and health science.

Stanford University

For all the students, who are willing to continue their medical training further, the Stanford University in the United States can be an ideal option to select. Offering both Master’s as well as PhD level degree courses, the university remains a hub for undertaking research in the key areas of immunology, cancer, neuroscience and genetics. Furthermore, the university is known for its outstanding breakthroughs like first successful lung-heart transplant.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne in Australia emerges as an international leader in the realms of research, learning and teaching. Operating for more than 160 years, every year, the university attracts international students from over 150 countries. Offering undergraduate courses in about 100 areas of study, the university can also be a preferred choice for students who wish to pursue higher education in Australia. It also offers scholarship opportunities for students to ensure that financial constraints do not become an issue in their education.

These are few of the many leading international universities available worldwide that you can look up for pursuing courses related to Medicine and Health Sciences.

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