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Top 10 Government Pre Matric Scholarship for Students

“School is not the end but only the beginning of an education.” – Calvin Coolidge

This quote of Calvin Coolidge tells the significance of school education in today’s education scenario. A school lays the foundation stone for the growth and development of every individual and contributes effectively to the overall growth of the nation. Despite making the students aware of the basic concepts related to different subjects, a school also encourages their social, political, economic and intellectual development. Considering the enormous benefits of school education, the Government of India has taken several initiatives to ensure that no child remains deprived of the basic education. One such prominent initiative is the introduction of pre matric scholarship for students of class 1 to 10.

Yes, you heard it right, if you or your child is studying in pre-matric classes, you may apply for the scholarships that are being offered by both central and state government. Here is a list of top 10 government scholarships for pre-matric students, that you must not miss –

Schemes Sponsored by Central Government

(1) Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

This is a central sector scholarship for students who belong to the minority community. Introduced under the supervision of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the scholarship aims to offer financial assistance to students belonging to Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Zoroastrians category.

Eligibility: Class 1 to 10

Award: Admission fee, maintenance allowance, tuition fee

Applications: Between June and October through NSP (National Scholarship Portal)

(2) Pre Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Introduced with an objective of providing opportunities for higher education to students with a disability, this scholarship is applicable for students with more than 40% disability.

Eligibility: Students of class 9 and 10

Award: Stipend, books and additional allowances

Applications: Between June and October through NSP

Schemes Sponsored by State Government


(3) Pre Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC Students, Uttarakhand

For students who are a domicile of Uttarakhand state and belong to SC/ST/OBC category, the Social Welfare Department, Government of Uttarakhand has introduced this scholarship. Depending on the category to which you belong and your current class of study, the scholarship award may vary.

Eligibility: Class 1 to 10

Award: Scholarship up to INR 3500 per annum

Applications: Between January and February through NSP

West Bengal

(4) West Bengal Pre Matric Scholarship for SC ST Students

This is a centrally sponsored scholarship offered by the Backward Classes Welfare Department, Government of West Bengal for students who belong to SC/ST category and are a domicile of West Bengal.

Eligibility: Class 9 and 10

Award: Scholarship up to INR 750 per month and an ad-hoc grant of up to INR 1000 per annum

Applications: Between May and November through West Bengal Government Scholarship Portal (OASIS)


(5) Telangana Pre Matric Scholarships For SC/ST/BC/Disabled Welfare

To minimize the dropout rate of SC/ST/BC/Disabled students from schools, the government of Telangana has introduced pre-matric scholarships for students domiciled in Telangana thereby providing them with a better chance to progress to the post-matric stage of education.

Eligibility: Class 9 and 10

Award: Varies with respect to state scholarship corpus

Applications: Open till 25 July 2018 through Telangana E-Pass Portal


(6) Pre Matric Scholarship for Disabled, Maharashtra

Offered by the Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance, Government of Maharashtra, this scholarship aims at encouraging higher education among students with a disability like low vision, blind, hearing impairment, mentally retarded, orthopedically handicapped etc. The scholarship majorly targets students who are residents of Maharashtra state.

Eligibility: Class 1 to 10

Award: Scholarship up to INR 300 per month

Applications: Open till 31 December 2018 through respective schools

(7) Pre Matric Scholarship (Unclean Occupation), Maharashtra 2017-18

This is yet another scholarship offered by Government of Maharashtra for students of who parents are involved in the unclean occupation like scavenging, tanning, flaying and sweeping.

Eligibility: Maharashtra domiciled students of class 1 to 10

Award: Scholarship up to INR 700 per month

Applications: Currently open through Maharashtra DBT scholarship portal


(8) Pre Matric Scholarship for Schedule Tribe Students Studying in Class 9 and 10, Nagaland 2018

The students of Nagaland state who belong to ST category can avail the benefits offered under this scholarship program which aims at supporting the education of economically weaker students.

Eligibility: Class 9 and 10

Award: INR 2000 per annum

Applications: Between March and June through respective schools


(9) Pre and Post Matric Scholarship for SC students, Delhi 2018

If you are a Delhi-based student belonging to SC community, the Government of Delhi has introduced this initiative for you to pursue higher education in the field of your choice.

Eligibility: Class 9 to postgraduation

Award: Scholarship up to INR 750 per month & books and ad-hoc grant of up to INR 1000

Applications: Between January and April through E-District portal of Delhi Government


(10) Pre-Matric Scholarships Scheme for ST, Tripura 2017

An exclusive opportunity for ST students of Tripura state! Operating under the scheme offered by the Government of India, the scholarship tends to reduce the drop-out rate of students belonging to ST community thereby supporting them in their education.

Eligibility: Class 9 and 10 students who are domiciled in Tripura

Award: Scholarship up to INR 350 per month & up to INR 1000 per annum for books and other grants.

Applications: Between June and October through NSP

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