Study in Hong Kong: All you need to know

In recent years, Hong Kong has emerged as one of the ultimate cosmopolitan cities of the world because of its vibrant culture and modern approach. The lovely blend of diverse people from different backgrounds and cultures has given rise to multi-cultural and multi-lingual communities in Hong Kong. All these factors are not only attracting tourists from around the world but also students who are in search of both, quality education and cross-cultural experience.

So, if you are willing to go for further education in Hong Kong, you need to keep some crucial points in mind before making any decision.

Colleges/universities in Hong Kong

With the passage of time, Hong Kong is not only experiencing economic progress but also a progress in its educational sector. Hong Kong now houses around 20 degree-awarding universities/institutions, some of which are considered as one of the best in Asia as well as world, for example, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong, etc. Not only they offer undergraduate but also graduate, postgraduate and research courses to students in varied disciplines such as Science, Medicine, Economics, Arts, Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences.

Scholarship opportunities

If you are worried about the cost of education in Hong Kong, then you must keep in mind that it varies from institute to institute and the level of study and choice of course. To ease a student’s anxiety about financing his/her education, several state and other scholarships are available for international students such as Lingnan University Scholarship, HKSAR Government Scholarship, Talent Development Scholarship and Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme.

Application procedure

Since there is no centralised system for application procedure, candidates need to contact their chosen institutions and apply directly to their choice of courses. But they must ensure that they fulfil the required qualification and have all the necessary documents with them before applying.

Employment opportunities

To attract international talent and present Hong Kong as an educational hub, the state government has relaxed the norms for international students so that they can take up internship, on-campus part-time jobs or summer jobs to ease their financial burden. But, they will only be allowed to work if their study period is more one year.

Student visa

Once you receive your acceptance letter, you will need to look for a local sponsor before applying for student visa. The host university/institution, generally, helps out international students in this regard. You must keep all the required documents ready while applying for your Hong Kong visa. Students also need to keep in mind that they will have to renew their visa every year in order to continue your studies there.

Cost of living

With its status as an emerging metropolis, life in Hong Kong is no longer cheap. But students can cut their expenses if they apply for university-provided housing facilities early instead of waiting for academic year to start. Travelling, food, telecommunication and recreational activities are cheaper as compared to European countries. So, keep your expenses in check and you will not have to worry much about your cost of living through out your educational journey in Hong Kong.