Study abroad -10 things you should keep in mind

Studying abroad is the dream of many Indian students. It is one of the best experiences in the life of a student. It is quite difficult to know what studying abroad is actually like. By studying abroad, students have an opportunity to learn new things and culture of a foreign country. There are a variety of programs to study abroad. You can make a choice and start your career with a good start.

Nervous? Of course, you are. While planning to study abroad, none is 100% ready to live a life in a foreign country. While packing up your bags, you have many questions in your mind.

To help you in your preparation for studying abroad, here, we have prepared some study abroad tips to make you feel a little bit confident.

1. All documents must be in order:

It is important to have all your documents in order with you. Never forget to get your passport as early as possible and try to apply for the visa on time and confirm that your visa will cover your entire course period. Keep one copy of all the original documents with you.

2. Book your flight ticket in advance:

While planning to study abroad and having an offer letter in hand, never forget to book your flight tickets in advance. Most of the students did a mistake that they book tickets six or seven months before. Do not make this mistake again and again because the right time to book your flight is three months prior to your travel. Book your study abroad flights with Student Universe for the cheapest airfare.

3. Make your currency exchange on time:

While thinking or planning for study abroad, most of the students think all foreign currencies have the same value and they plan their expenses accordingly. But, they cannot deny the fact that all foreign currencies have their own value. Check the currency value of your country you are going to study and exchange your currency on time because a small change can impact your whole planning of the month.

4. Talk to friends who have already studied abroad:

To know in detail about study abroad programs talk to alumni students and get all your query cleared related to the country and the course. Talking to other students who have already studied there will make all your queries solved and you will get a chance o know about their success and struggles.

5. Take proper medical checkup:

Before leaving for your studies, make sure that you are in good health. Tell your doctor that you are going to study abroad and take proper consultation. Don’t forget to take proper vaccinations if your doctor advises you to do that.


6. Make yourself up-to-date:

When you are planning to study abroad, one of the major factors is to keep yourself updated about that country. Watch news on a daily basis to know what activities are being performed or everything is up to date or not. Know each and every fact about their culture and economy.

7. Do proper research:

Before starting your packing, it is necessary to do proper research about the country, course and its culture. Do research on your course, which you are going to pursue and what career opportunities will you get in future if you study a course from that country.

8. Try not to carry unnecessary baggage:

Most of the students do this mistake. They pack their bags with a whole lot of things which are of no use to them. Students forget that carrying unnecessary baggage will leave them in pain. Try to pack only those items which are of your use and avoid unnecessary packing.

9. Get insurance:

While preparing to study abroad, make sure your travel insurance is done. If your insurance is already done, make sure if it includes coverage for overseas care or not. If it doesn’t, you can get a policy which is specific for overseas travel.

10. Have a talk with your bank:

Go and have a face-to-face talk with your bank and find out all the details on how your credit and debit cards work overseas. All banks have their own rules and regulations. You have to think twice and have to make some other plans if you have an account in a small bank because many of them don’t offer international services.