Scholar Success Story: Read About Shubham Kankane’s Inspiring Attitude in the Face of Challenges

It has been rightly said that Believing in yourself is the first step towards success. This quote seems to be the success mantra of Capital First MBA Scholarship winner- Shubham Kankane. Displaying a fierce attitude and determination in the face of challenges, he has emerged as a true winner defying all the problems and hurdles that came his way.

Read the success story of Shubham Kankane in order to learn how to develop a positive outlook towards every challenge and how to make the best out of them. Below mentioned are the excerpts of his interview with Buddy4Study:

Buddy4Study: Share with us a brief background about your academic and professional journey until now.

Shubham Kankane: The two major issues that children usually face in India are inaccessibility to a good school and financial constraints. Because of these two primary reasons, they are not able to pursue what they want to and unfortunately, I was also not an exception to it. In my case, accessibility to a good school was the prime issue. Hence, I managed to get admitted into the town’s best school, i.e., Kendriya Vidyalaya, only in the 9th standard. Because of the sudden change from the state board to CBSE curriculum, I had to face lots of problems while trying to understand the new curriculum. However, I gradually managed to move up and topped in the 12th standard.

After passing class 12, I joined a crash course for the state-level engineering entrance exam and managed to secure a good rank in that too. Even after joining IIT-ISM Dhanbad for my bachelors, I faced lots of challenges. There, I was competing with students who hailed from the finest schools in the country. However, I prioritised my requirements and focused on seeing myself better every day and consequently, I was awarded a silver medal in my batch.

Being a mining engineer by profession, I was posted as a Junior Manager on a site of JSW Group. I was holding the post of Shift in-Charge as well. Because of the supportive environment in the company, I was able to execute my technical as well as managerial skills to the best of my knowledge. I was doing pretty well in this position. Because of which, after working there for two years, I got the opportunity to join new ventures of JSW and took the transfer to the corporate office of JSW.

Buddy4Study: What motivated you to pursue a course in management?

Shubham Kankane: During my stint in JSW corporate office, I got the opportunity to work with management graduates who had great business acumens. There I felt that I was lacking behind in the business exposure. Hence, I took the decision to pursue a degree in Management and started preparing for my exams. Finally, I got admission into the MBA course of Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur.

Buddy4Study: What were the key challenges faced by you during the course of your journey to reach here?

Shubham Kankane: Challenges have always been the driving force in my life. I always face challenges with a positive outlook towards them. Prime challenges of my life were the unavailability of good schools in town, financial constraints in the family and not having proper career guidance.

Buddy4Study: What has been your source of inspiration?

Shubham Kankane: My source of inspiration is my father and my KV Principal. My father is a very grounded person and developed his business from scratch. He also suffered a lot because of financial issues in his initial years but his struggles were also paid off and he became a recognised businessman in the town. His journey, full of challenges, inspired me a lot.

My school Principal was also the constant source of encouragement who helped a lot in building confidence in me. She always inspired me through her working style and helped me in realising that nobody is perfect and whatever comes in your path, one should try to accept it and fight for it until one becomes victorious.

Buddy4Study: How has your family supported you in your venture to pursue this course?

Shubham Kankane: My parents stood beside me in my decision to quit a well-settled job. Their confidence in me gave me a mental boost that inspired me to venture forth with my MBA course. My family also gave me financial support in whatever manner they could and the rest of it was taken care of by the loan.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about the Capital First MBA Scholarship? What were the steps followed to avail the scholarship?

Shubham Kankane: I came to know about the Capital First MBA Scholarship through one of my colleagues. She guided me throughout the process involved in winning this scholarship.

Buddy4Study: What are your ambitions in the future and how do you plan to execute them?

Shubham Kankane: My career goal is multi-faceted. My short-term goal for a period of 2 to 3 years is to gain theoretical and practical knowledge about how to develop a business with the help of my MBA degree.

My mid-term goal is to implement my learning by working in an organisation so that I can gain confidence in whatever I will be doing and learn the critical things that are needed to be taken care of whilst the business witnesses growth.

My long-term goal is to become a person who is able to lead or develop a business from scratch and mark a presence in the market. In essence, I enjoy taking challenges in a turbulent workplace.

By having this multi-faceted career goal, I want to connect myself with the problems faced by society so that I can contribute in every manner possible.

Buddy4Study: Any piece of advice that you would like to impart to other potential aspirants like you who are constrained by various challenges towards pursuing higher education?

Shubham Kankane: The quote I personally like and love to share with all potential aspirants is: “Good, better, best; never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best”. Always believe in yourself and try to move ahead with the motive of seeing yourself better and better every day.

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