Scholar Success Story – Navya Manoj’s Inspiring Story of Becoming an Engineer

“A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.” This saying of Ray Davis holds a deep impact in the life of Navya Manoj, an exceptionally brilliant scholar of UGAM – Legrand Scholarship Program. With her never giving up aptitude, she did not let any challenges in her life become an obstacle in the pursuit of her dreams. Despite the financial constraints that prevailed in her family, she has taken a step ahead towards her ambitions. Her unprecedented dedication and hard work have held her high in any adverse situation.

Know more about her exciting academic journey in the excerpts below that have been taken from her interview with Buddy4Study.

Buddy4Study: Share with us a brief background about your academic and professional journey until now.

I secured an A+ score in all the subjects in the secondary level examination. I am proud to say that I am one among the Kerala state board toppers of 2016-18 batch. I obtained the full score in the examination i.e. 1200. Also, I secured full A+ in my 10th board examination.

Buddy4Study: What motivated you to pursue a course in Engineering?

I always had a keen interest in mathematics and physics. I want to see myself in a career which takes me closer to the world of technology.

Buddy4Study: What were the key challenges faced by you during the course of your journey to reach here?

I came across many challenges throughout my journey with the lack of financial stability, being one of the biggest challenges. However, I did not let these challenges rule over me. Rather, I motivated myself to become a successful engineer through my hard work and determination.

Buddy4Study: What has been your source of inspiration?

My source of inspiration is the ever-growing, unlimited and unpredictable art of engineering technology. It offers never-ending possibilities for establishing a career.

Buddy4Study: How has your family supported you in your venture to pursue this course?

My father and mother have always been a great support for me. Besides them, my cousin has also whole-heartedly supported me in my journey.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about the Legrand Scholarship? What were the steps followed to avail the scholarship?

I came to know about the scholarship through my cousin brother. I applied for the scholarship through Buddy4Study and went through a round of interviews. Finally, I received a call about my selection for the scholarship.

Buddy4Study: What are your ambitions in the future and how do you plan to execute them?

As I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in electronics and communication stream, I would like to further pursue an M.Tech degree in Remote Sensing and establish a career in the same field.

Buddy4Study: Any piece of advice that you would like to impart to other potential aspirants like you who are constrained by various challenges towards pursuing higher education?

I think challenges are necessary for our life to achieve success. If we take a negative approach towards challenges and hesitate to face them, we cannot reach our goal. So, my piece of advice for all the aspirants is to be ready to face challenges at any time. Think positive and move ahead.

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