Scholar Success Story: How Taruna Lohani Endeavours Everyday to Achieve her Career Goal Through Hard Work & Discipline

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing”- Pele.

The above stated golden words are most carefully adopted by the Legrand Scholarship winner- Taruna Lohani and quite expectedly all her efforts have paid off rather well. With a dream of becoming a scientist and working hard in every manner to achieve it, Taruna Lohani turns out to be a source of inspiration for many such girls as herself.

Read the success story of Taruna Lohani to learn how she has ventured forth on a journey and is leaving no stone unturned to achieve her goals. Below  are the excerpts from her interview with Buddy4Study:

Buddy4Study: Share with us a brief background about your academic and professional journey (if any) until now.

Taruna Lohani: I have done my matriculation and intermediate from Army Public School, Clement Town, Dehradun (UK). I scored 91.20% in Class 10 board and 79% in Senior Secondary exam.

Buddy4Study: What motivated you to pursue a course in Engineering?

Taruna Lohani: My aim is to join ISRO and become a scientist. To accomplish my goal, I decided to go for Engineering. My family and friends inspired me and supported me in my decision to choose Computer Science Engineering as my professional course.

Buddy4Study: What were the key challenges faced by you during the course of your journey to reach here?

Taruna Lohani: As I belong to a lower middle-class family with small savings, I had to work really hard so that my parents’ income doesn’t get wasted and my dreams also do not go for a toss. So, I would say that financial constraint was my biggest hurdle in the way of my career goal.

Buddy4Study: What has been your source of inspiration?

Taruna Lohani: One of my seniors who was with me in school as well as college turned out to be my source of inspiration. She worked hard and qualified the ISRO entrance exam to be a scientist. Her hard work and efforts have always inspired me and she continues to be my source of encouragement.

Buddy4Study: How has your family supported you in your venture to pursue this course?

Taruna Lohani: My family has been there with me through thick and thin. They supported me in every possible manner that they could. It was due to their constant guidance and support that I was able to score well in all my exams, right from school to college.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about the Legrand Scholarship? What were the steps followed to avail the scholarship?

Taruna Lohani: I came to know about Legrand scholarship from a Hindi newspaper ‘Amar Ujala’. I was very happy to know that a prestigious firm like Legrand is providing financial aid to meritorious girls. So, I applied for the scholarship by following the link of Buddy4Study as given in the newspaper.

Buddy4Study: What are your ambitions in the future and how do you plan to execute them?

Taruna Lohani: My ambitions in the future are to join ISRO as a scientist and to contribute to the development of our country. First, I will complete my B. Tech. in Computer Science and then, I will apply for ICRB (ISRO Centralized Recruitment Board) examination.

Buddy4Study: Any piece of advice that you would like to impart to other potential aspirants like you who are constrained by various challenges towards pursuing higher education.

Taruna Lohani: I would like to advise other potential aspirants that if you work hard, every sensitive agency will come forward to help you and nothing can stop you from achieving your goal in life.

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