Scholar Success Story – Taking inspiration from Sundar Pichai, Hariprasadh too wants to become a CEO

“It is important to follow your dreams and heart. Do something that excites you.” – Sundar Pichai

These words by Sundar Pichai seem to have inspired Hariprasadh, a boy from Tamil Nadu. Hariprasadh decided to pursue his interest in computers. So, he took up Engineering in the field of Computer Science. Pichai’s rise to prominence from a humble background inspired Hariprasadh. Just like Pichai, he belongs to a middle-class family. Likewise, he harbours the dreams of making it big in life.

Hariprasadh took the first step towards his dreams after getting selected for the Marubeni India Meritorious Scholarship. Our team got in touch with him and asked him a few questions. Here are the excerpts from our conversation with Hariprasadh.

Buddy4Study: Tell us about your academic background and professional journey till now.

Hariprasadh: I completed my SSLC with 97% and HSC with 92% from Tamil Nadu Board at Salem, Tamil Nadu. Currently, I’m pursuing B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering (a 3-year course) from Sri Eshwar College of Engineering.

Buddy4Study: Why did you take up Engineering in Computer Science?

Hariprasadh: Ever since my Childhood, I was fascinated by computers. Whenever I saw a computer, I was eager to know how it worked. This interest in computers led me to choose Computer Science. That is why decided to do Engineering in Computer Science.

Buddy4Study: What challenges did you face during your journey?

Hariprasadh: I faced financial challenges while pursuing my course. Coming from a middle-class family, it was my dream to pursue this career. My dream came true with the help of Marubeni India Meritorious Scholarship. Also, my relatives helped me a lot.

Buddy4Study: Who inspired you in your journey?

Hariprasadh: In the field of IT, my great inspiration is Sundar Pichai. Just like me, he is also from a middle-class family. He had a dream in life and now he is the CEO of Google. His story inspired me a lot.

Buddy4Study: How did your family support you in this journey?

Hariprasadh: My parents encouraged me a lot for pursuing a career in this field. Even though there were a lot of problems, my parents never let me down. It is their encouragement that makes me sustain in life.

Buddy4Study: Who told you about Marubeni India Meritorious Scholarship? How did you avail the scholarship?

Hariprasadh: I came to know about the Marubeni India Meritorious scholarship through my college. Then I applied for the scholarship with the help of instructions given by Buddy4Study.

Buddy4Study: What do you want to do in future? What will you do to execute your plans?

Hariprasadh: In future, my ambition is to develop products which could bring healthy changes in the IT sector and help mankind. Since this is a long-term process, I have decided to work for a few years in IT companies. Later in my career, I want to start my own company.

Buddy4Study: What would you like to say to other aspirants like you?

Hariprasadh: I just want to advice other aspirants that follow your passion. It will make you reach where you want to be. Failures are there to test your willpower and help you become more powerful. There are plenty of scholarships available which can bring a change in your life.

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