Scholar Success Story – Read How Gopangana Roy’s Determined Approach Became a Boon in Pursuit of Her Dreams

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller

Do you agree to these words of Helen Keller? Gopangana Roy, an ambitious and meritorious scholar of L’Oréal India for Young Women in Science Scholarship strongly relates with these words. She comes from a middle-income family of a small town in West Bengal. She has come across various ups and downs in her life. Despite this, she has emerged as an inspiration for numerous girls who easily give up on their dreams. Today, she is able to pursue her ambition of joining the nursing profession due to her optimistic attitude and confidence.

Here are some excerpts from her interview with Buddy4Study that will surely inspire and motivate you.

Buddy4Study: Share with us your academic background and professional journey till now.

Gopangana: I come from a small town Nabadwip in West Bengal. I did my schooling from a private missionary school named Bishop Morrow affiliated to ICSE & ISC board. I passed my class 10th examination with 95% marks and class 12th with 88% of marks in the science stream. Currently, I am pursuing a B.Sc. programme in Nursing.

Buddy4Study: Why did you opt to pursue B.Sc. in Nursing?

Gopangana: I always had an inclination towards the medical profession. My maternal grandmother was a nurse by profession. Looking at her, I always aspired to either become a doctor or a nurse in future so that I can serve humanity. In 2018, after passing higher secondary, I gave the NEET examination but couldn’t succeed. Thereupon, I decided to give JENPAUH-Entrance Examination for B.Sc. Nursing in West Bengal. Fortunately, I succeeded in it and today, I am pursuing this programme.

Buddy4Study: What were the challenges you came across during your journey?

Gopangana: The major challenge which I had to face in my journey is the financial crisis. The things became even more difficult for us when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer three years back. My father, being the only earning member of our family, had to go through tough times to bear all the expenses and manage everything.

Buddy4Study: Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

Gopangana: Since I belong to a small town in West Bengal, I have seen many downtrodden people who suffer from various ailments but couldn’t get suitable treatment due to financial crisis. All such situations became my inspiration to pursue this career.

Buddy4Study: How has your family supported you in this journey?

Gopangana: My parents and my family members have always been my strength in my career. Even in times of major crisis, they always supported me to achieve something bigger in life. Neglecting a girl child is still a common phenomenon in various middle-income families, especially at times of financial crisis. However, my family never let any crisis come in the pathway of my ambitions.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about the L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship? What were the steps involved to avail the scholarship?

Gopangana: I came to know about the L’Oréal India for Young Women in Science Scholarship through Buddy4study app. I must say, it is the most effective app for people like us to find suitable scholarships. I applied for the scholarship online and was shortlisted for the interview. There were two rounds of the interview that included Telephonic interview and Face-to-Face interview. I cleared both the rounds and got the scholarship.

Buddy4Study: What are your future plans? How will you execute those plans?

Gopangana: After my graduation, I would like to study further and pursue M.Sc. in Nursing. I want to become a lecturer in a nursing college so that I can train other aspiring nurses and serve mankind.

Buddy4Study: What would be your advice to other potential aspirants like you?

Gopangana: I would suggest all other aspirants like me that whatever be the situation don’t ever lose hope. The crisis is a part of life. One should never get demotivated. Just have faith upon yourself and move forward, you will certainly get a way out for an enlightened future. I wish good luck to all the future aspirants.

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