Scholar Success Story – Read Kishore’s Struggle for Becoming a Doctor and His Desire of Serving the Society

“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” – Donovan Bailey

Kishore S, a Marubeni India Meritorious Scholarship winner and an MBBS student, seems to fit the words mentioned above. He is a hard worker with dreams in his eyes and determination in his heart. He aims to succeed in his academic goals as well as life goal of serving the society with his medical education.

Despite having a troubled financial background, Kishore never backed down from the challenges thrown at him. Read this scholar success story to know about his journey and take inspiration of following your dreams regardless of the obstacles that come your way. Below are the excerpts from Kishore’s interview with Buddy4Study.

Buddy4Study: Tell us about your academic background and professional journey till now.

Kishore S: I completed my high school studies from Prem Seva Vidyalaya which is located near my village in Kolar district of Karnataka. Then, I pursued my Pre-University course from Alva’s PU College, Moodbidre, Mangalore. I got a good rank in Karnataka Common Entrance Test (CET) and got admission in the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bengaluru. So, currently, I’m in my 2nd year of MBBS course.

Buddy4Study: What motivated you to pursue an MBBS course?

Kishore S: I always had a dream of becoming a doctor. This childhood dream of mine inspired me to work towards achieving it. I hail from a village where my family is involved in the agricultural occupation. I always wanted to raise the status of my family and that also motivated me to pursue an MBBS course.

Buddy4Study: What were the challenges that came across your way during this journey?

Kishore S: I faced several problems during my journey to the place where I am right now. Staying in the hostel for 2 years just after my 10th standard, made me homesick. However, studying helped me overcome the feeling of homesickness. I immersed myself in studies in order to get good marks in my exams. Also, my family was undergoing financial problems but my parents always stood with me and helped me in every way possible.

Buddy4Study: Who has been your source of inspiration?

Kishore S: I used to get inspired by the teachings that my teachers imparted during my school and PU days. I also got inspired by several doctors who brought a change in healthcare services by serving the rural areas and improving health facilities there.

Buddy4Study: How did your family support you in this journey?

Kishore S: My family has always been with me during my ups and downs. Though there were financial problems at home, they helped and encouraged me, disregarding those issues. And, that’s what made me what I’m today.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about the Marubeni India Meritorious Scholarship? What were the steps involved to avail the scholarship?

Kishore S: As I knew the financial status of my family was not good, I started searching for a scholarship. I luckily found the Buddy4Study website on Google and came to know about Marubeni India Meritorious Scholarship. Then I applied for the scholarship online and waited for further instruction. After a while, I underwent a telephonic round of interview in which I was selected. Then, I was invited for a Face-to-Face round of interview. Finally, I got selected for the scholarship. I am very happy with the fact that this will somewhat lessen the financial burden of my family. Marubeni scholarship has helped me a lot in pursuing my studies. My heartfelt thanks to Marubeni and Buddy4Study team.

Buddy4Study: What are your future plans? How will you execute those plans?

Kishore S: My future plans involve becoming a good doctor and helping society as much as possible, especially in some of the rural areas where healthcare facilities are yet to be improved. I would always try to serve society and help in building a good nation.

Buddy4Study: What would be your advice to other potential aspirants?

Kishore S: One thing I can tell others is that ‘Never give up on your dreams and always work hard. It will surely help you achieve your goal.

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