Indian Government Scholarships to Study Abroad

“You are only as limited as your efforts.”

How often do you wonder what would it be like to study abroad? How often do you find yourself envisioning a life shaped by the exposure that foreign education can provide, only to be hit by reality and ending up with self-consolation? Because let’s face it, despite the well-known importance of education and subsequent efforts to make it more accessible, it still remains an expensive affair; the education abroad more so.Scholarship Registration, Find New Scholarship

Considering the modest per capita income of our country, only an exclusive group of people can afford the high costs of foreign education. Most of the common folks like us need to extensively plan our expenditure and take the help of bank loans to enable such an opportunity. Now you would be wondering why this man is rubbing salts on our wounds and telling us what we already know. Well, hear me out. There are a number of scholarship providers that work for enabling deserving students an opportunity to study abroad. Here I have provided a comprehensive list of Indian government scholarships for studying abroad.

The problem with Indian Government Scholarships for Study Abroad

As I said, there are a plethora of scholarship providers. Government organisations, non-government organisations, corporates, financial and educational institutions, all contribute their bit in making education more accessible. On the other side, there is no dearth of students who could benefit from these scholarships. So, it should be pretty simple, right? Well, not really. The problem lies in the fact that there is a huge communication gap between the two. Most of the students are unaware of the scholarship opportunities that are available to them. This prevents the proper utilisation of these schemes and leads to wastage of resources, both human and financial.

The solution

This is where Buddy4Study comes in. Buddy4Study is India’s largest scholarship network and it has made a significant contribution in bridging the communication gap between scholarship seekers and providers by bringing them on a single platform. Using Buddy4Study, the students can easily find, apply and track the scholarships matching their eligibility. Buddy4Study also provides application support and education loan services.

So, I say it is high time you start giving preference to your dreams and not be constrained by these insignificant hurdles like finance. Afterall, you are only as limited as your efforts. Foreign education doesn’t seem so far-fetched now. Does it? Why don’t you start your efforts from here itself? Check out these major Indian government scholarships for studying abroad.Scholarship Registration, Get Scholarship Update

Notable Indian Scholarships for Education Overseas

Newton Bhabha PhD Placement Programme 2018

This scholarship is a joint venture of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and the British Council. This scholarship is for PhD scholars who are looking for short-term placements in the UK as well as Indian institutions from March to October 2019.

Eligibility: PhD scholars

Award: Monthly stipend of GBP 1300 and other benefits

Deadline: 4 August 2018

SIA Youth Scholarship in Singapore 2019

The Ministry of Education, Singapore offers this scholarship to support school students. Those students who have passed class 10 in 2018 and are willing to study at Pre-University (2-year program) in selected Singapore Junior Colleges in the year 2019 can apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility: Class 10 passed students

Award: Multiple awards

Deadline: 22 July 2018

Lancaster University Management School Undergraduate Scholarship 2018

The Lancaster University Management School offers this scholarship to bachelor degree applicants. The program aims to enrich the international community of the university thereby enhancing the learning and development of students.

Eligibility: Undergraduate students

Award: GBP 4000

Deadline: 31 August 2018

Bournemouth University International Student Scholarships 2018

This scholarship is open to post-graduate degree applicants who are looking to pursue their master’s degree from Bournemouth University. The scholarship provided by the Bournemouth University aims to promote a coalition of education, research and professional practice.

Eligibility: Master’s degree applicants

Award: Full tuition fee waiver and other benefits

Deadline: 31 August 2018

Brazilian Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G)

Indian students can avail this scholarship provided by the Government of Brazil to enroll in undergraduate courses in various institutions across Brazil. The PEC-G 2019 aims to promote academic training and qualification through a free placement of students in Brazilian Higher Education Institution.

Eligibility: Undergraduate students

Award: Multiple awards

Deadline: 31 August 2018

Check out the Buddy4Study website to find more such scholarships. Click on ‘International‘ to find more such Indian government scholarships for studying abroad.