IDFC FIRST Bank Scholar Story – Aarushi

IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship Program helped Aarushi pursue higher education at one of the most prestigious educational institutes of India


Name – Aarushi Agarwal
Current Education – MBA (first year)
Career Aspiration – Leadership position in Corporate Strategy and Planning
Location – Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Scholarship amount – 2 lakhs

Scholar Story 

A massive business loss struck my family in the year 2010, bringing all the plans, aspirations and future dreams to a standstill. Our annual family income dipped to under INR 3 lakhs and ever since we have been unable to recover financially. I was still in school at that time and greatly unaware of the consequences of this loss, but I understood that the future will demand a lot of hard work and there might possibly be several missed opportunities. I am a single kid and hence, the onus to take care of my parents’ future was on me. 

However, with every step that I took forward, my academic journey only became harder due to lack of adequate finances. Since I got excellent grades in bachelor’s(my university rank being 6/274), I got a job at Tata Communications for a couple of years and put a stop on my higher education dreams. After all, my salary was a big support for my family. When I finally decided to move forward, I got through IIM Ahmedabad in the first attempt itself. I had a dogged persistence towards pursuing an MBA from this great institution and every penny I could gather counted towards paying off my fee. That’s when I became aware of the IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship Program for the financially distressed students. My application process was smooth and I was selected to receive a grant of INR 2 lakhs! This grant is of greater value for my present and future than one can think of. 

There is no dearth of talent in our country. What’s needed is honest philanthropy efforts by NGOs like the IDFC FIRST Bank. Thankyou Akshaya Patra for setting such a good example in society!