Dr BR & CR Shetty Scholarship for Academic Excellence lent a helping hand to Jecika

Scholar name – Jecika D’Souza
Current education – Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Career aspiration – To work in the Healthcare Industry
Location – Udupi
Scholarship amount – INR 60,000

It was a huge shock for my family when, a few years ago, my father had to quit his bank job due to hyperglycemia and a failing heart. Without a doubt, it is the worst time my family has ever witnessed. My dad could have meticulously saved just enough for my education had he been healthy, but after the decline in his health, all my dreams and plans for a brighter future were crushed. The situation worsened as our little savings deteriorated and very soon, even paying for the school fee became a problem. My mother decided to do what was best in her capacity and started selling vegetables to put food on the table, while my elder did a menial job. Till today,  our survival depends on that vegetable cart, but the future doesn’t seem that dim anymore! 

I was always determined to study further and serve in the healthcare industry even when higher education seemed unrealistic. Uncertain about my future, I applied and secured a place at Manipal College of Health Professions, but my yearly fees was INR 1,54,000! I took a loan from my church to pay the first instalment and started looking for any help I could find. In some blessed moment, I applied for the coveted Dr BR & CR Shetty Scholarship for Academic Excellence. When I was told that I have been selected for the scholarship and will be getting INR 60,000, I couldn’t believe my ears. The realisation that somebody cares enough and believes in the dreams of others was overwhelming and life-changing.

I will be paying my next fee-instalment without depending on others and this is my first victory after fighting so many battles. But thankfully, I fought for what mattered. I extend my sincere gratitude and respect for Dr BR & CR Shetty Foundation and the great work they are doing.