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Top scholarships to study abroad

With globalization taking over the job scenario across the world, employers today are looking for candidates who are competent with avant-garde technical and cross-cultural skills.

In such a scenario, studying abroad is one way through which students can acquire life-changing experiences and learn global skills. It not only opens professional opportunities for students but also increases their value in the eyes of employers.

If you are one such student planning to study abroad at an internationally acclaimed institution, the first and the foremost thing that will come to your mind is to arrange finance for your education. Of course, the cost of studying abroad can burn a hole in your pocket. So to keep the financial worries at bay, you need to look for some suitable scholarships and bursaries available for you.

Here, we have compiled a list of top scholarships to study abroad that can surely be a great help for you in your venture:

Radboud Scholarship Programme

Are you willing to pursue a full-time English taught master’s program at Radboud University, Netherlands? If yes, you can apply for this scholarship that provides partial tuition fee waiver and costs for insurance and visa.

Benavitch Scholarships

For all the aspirants of MBA, EMBA, MFin and PhD in management studies, St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge announces Benavitch Scholarships. Based on the merit of the students, top 5 selected students will receive scholarship amount of GBP 10,000 per annum.

University of Birmingham Haywood Doctoral Scholarship

This scholarship is certainly for you if you are interested to explore the history of arts, pursue a doctoral level of research at the College of Arts and Law, University of Birmingham. The students who show outstanding excellence in academics stand a chance to win Haywood Doctoral Scholarship that covers the tuition fee of the program.

Chinese Government Scholarship

The Ministry of Human Resource Development of India in joint collaboration with the Government of China announces Chinese Government Scholarship for students for undergraduate, masters, doctoral, general scholar and senior scholar programs. With an aim to promote mutual cooperation, understanding and educational exchange between the two nations, the scholarship is launched to cover tuition fee, accommodation, monthly stipend and medical insurance.

ACU Robert and Richard Charles Carroll Scholarship

Want to find a career prospect in Australia? If yes, then the Australian Catholic University has a scholarship opportunity for students enrolling in the stream of health sciences. This scholarship is applicable at the Strathfield and North Sydney campus. The selected student will receive a lump sum scholarship amount of AUD 2,500.

Great Warwick University Scholarships India

To enable Indian students to pursue a postgraduate degree program from the university, the University of Warwick introduces Great Warwick University Scholarships. Only two selected students will receive the scholarship amount of EUR 9000 each.

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