Scholar Success Story – Read How Saylie Bane’s Self-Confidence and Determination got her an Admission in an MBA Program of her Choice

“Do not lose hope and be patient, trust your goal and be clear about what you want to be in future.” – Saylie Umesh Bane (IDFC FIRST Bank Scholar)

Hope can be a powerful force for those who wish to fulfil their dreams. It helps them to stay focused on their ambition. Similar is the case with IDFC First Bank Scholar, Saylie Bane, who wishes to start her own digital marketing business in the coming years. Her determination and self-confidence have helped her to come across all ups and downs of her life. Today, with the assistance rendered by IDFC First Bank, she has been able to take a step ahead towards her dream career and join an MBA program of her choice. 

Buddy4Study spoke to her about her experiences and her plans for the future. This scholar success story has some excerpts from the interview.

Buddy4Study: Please share your academic background in brief. Did you have any work experience before joining this management programme?

Saylie: I completed my schooling from St. Anthony of Padua High School with a score of 84% and went to Swami Vivekanand Jr College, where I scored 83.38%. Also, I completed my Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS) from S.K. Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce and scored a total of 64%. After completion of my graduation, I secured a social media marketer and content writing internship on-campus for a company called ‘JAM Campus Abroad’.

Buddy4Study: Why did you want to pursue an MBA course?

Saylie: I had two clear reasons to pursue an MBA course. Firstly, I want to learn all marketing related aspects and to be a marketing manager in the corporate world and secondly, I plan to start a digital marketing services business after gaining 10-15 years of corporate experience.

Buddy4Study: What were the key challenges you faced during your MBA admission?

Saylie: The high college fees in Mumbai was a big challenge for me since my parents simply could not afford them. Since I only took the CET entrance exam, the percentile cutoff of Mumbai colleges was also a matter of concern.

Buddy4Study: What has been your source of inspiration which keeps you motivated towards your studies?

Saylie: My one and only source of inspiration during my entire journey have been my parents since they are forever there to support me.

Buddy4Study: How do you motivate yourself to overcome any challenge?

Saylie: Self-confidence and determination towards achieving my one and only vision have remained the main motivating factors for me. Of course, my parents who supported me all the time, especially in my educational career, gave me further strength.

Buddy4Study: Despite the financial constraints, you decided to pursue an MBA course. How did your parents react when you told them about your ambitions?

Saylie: It was primarily my parents who made me aware of the ways of achieving my goal, made me understand my purpose behind pursuing MBA and envision a bright future ahead. They geared up my confidence and supported me to conquer my dream.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about the IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship?

Saylie: I got to know about this prestigious scholarship from one of my relatives who works at the IDFC FIRST bank. My peer group was also aware of this scholarship.

Buddy4Study: What was the process you followed to avail the scholarship?

Saylie: There was a specific online form that needed to be filled with details of my education, bank account. Thereafter, a telephone interview was conducted.

Buddy4Study: Which B-school did you qualify for?

Saylie: SIES College of Management Studies.

Buddy4Study: What goals have you set for yourself in the future?

Saylie: To learn new things continuously in every field of life, to lead a peaceful life and make my parents proud.

Buddy4Study: What advice would you give to the young ones who face challenges in pursuing higher education?

Saylie: Do not lose hope and be patient, trust your goal and be clear about what you want to be in future. Build that confidence and simultaneously build the willpower to achieve your dreams.

Buddy4Study: How are you going to utilise your scholarship funds?

Saylie: Some part of the IDFC FIRST MBA scholarship amount will be used for my next year fees and the rest will be utilised for other college expenses that will be incurred in the future.

Buddy4Study: What are your thoughts on giving back to society once you start your professional life?

Saylie: We are a part of this society and need to know what is beneficial for it for our own long term benefit. The happiness and peace for all have to be taken into consideration with self-awareness.

Does this story of Saylie inspire you to pursue your dream career? If yes, then start pursuing it today with determination and hope. Lookup for scholarships matching with your profile at Buddy4Study and apply for them to deal with the financial constraints. Like Saylie, you can also become an inspiration for others.