Scholar Success Story – Read How Vedika’s “All is Well” Mantra and Positive Attitude Helped Her Secure an MBA Seat at a Leading B-School

“I think that we need to realize that children like me must continue to think big because there are institutions like IDFC FIRST Bank that will give wings to your dreams.” – Vedika Gupta (IDFC FIRST Bank Scholar)

Vedika believes that women in our society need to stand up for themselves and their right to education. With the help of supportive parents, she continued to be a good student while growing up, and just when she began to think bigger than others around her, IDFC FIRST Bank Scholarship paved the way for a successful admission in a B-school.

Buddy4Study had a conversation with her regarding her journey and how IFDC First Bank Scholarship proved to be of value. This scholar success story has excerpts from the same.

Buddy4Study: Please share a brief about your academic background. Did you have any work experience you had before joining this management programme?

Vedika: I completed my schooling from Girls’ High School and College, Allahabad with 73.17% in Class 10 and 78% in Class 12. I’d like to add that my school is one of the most prestigious schools of UP, that started in 1861 and carries a 155-year-old legacy. After completing my schooling, I joined the Allahabad University where I pursued B.Com and scored an aggregate percentage of 58.95. During the course of graduation, I tutored some 28 children of Class 1 to 8 at a coaching institution for around 6 months.

Buddy4Study: Why did you want to pursue an MBA course?

Vedika: I wanted to pursue an MBA because it promises to give me corporate exposure and make me industry-ready. Moreover, MBA is a very big platform that will develop and enhance my skills professionally and personally. Another aspect of it is that it will make me financially independent and give me a sense of achievement.

Buddy4Study: What were the key challenges you faced during your MBA admissions?

Vedika: It was a big decision for me to take a one year gap to prepare for MBA exams. Though I was getting many colleges, I aspired for Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. I would say that such challenges become a part of life and help in exposing ourselves to small things like travelling in the metro, staying away from parents, and logically solving everyday issues by ourselves.

Buddy4Study: What has been your source of inspiration?

Vedika: My key source of inspiration are my parents. They have guided and mentored me in making each and every decision of my life, no matter how small it has been. It became very difficult for me to stay away from my parents but they told me to realise that only I am responsible for my career and that I can shape my future the way I want it to be. From my mother, I learnt hard work and patience. Also, I have created a habit of staying positive and often repeat the mantra “I can and I will” or “All is well” when I am nervous. In times of distress, I talk to my mother who is more of a friend to me.

Buddy4Study: Despite the financial constraints, you decided to pursue an MBA course. How did your parents react when you told them about your ambitions?

Vedika: Yes there were many financial constraints that I had to face before taking admission. MBA is a very costly program which isn’t affordable for everyone. I was not willing to take admission in this college because of the fees structure. My younger siblings were also studying and my father’s business had also suffered losses back then. Nevertheless, I told my parents about my interest in the MBA program and also about the IDFC FIRST Bank Scholarships and they motivated me to go ahead. This financial grant was substantial support for me and my family, without which I couldn’t have completed my MBA programme.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship? What was the process you followed to avail the scholarship?

Vedika: While conversing with the admission team at Jaipuria, I informed them about my financial issues. It was then when I came to know about the scholarship programme of IDFC FIRST Bank. After that, the process was simple. We just had to register online on and submit all our educational documents, income and address proofs. Finally, we were interviewed by an official, after which the scholarship was confirmed through the mail.

Buddy4Study: What goals have you set for yourself in the future?

Vedika: I want to be financially independent and fulfil all the dreams of my parents and make them proud in whatever work I do. I really want to keep on working hard day after day and continue to give my best. These two years of my life would help me in the next 40 years of my life. I actually aspire to be placed at IDFC FIRST Bank and continue to serve the very organisation that has been a big support in my life.

Buddy4Study: How are you going to utilise your scholarship funds?

Vedika: My scholarship amount would be fully utilized in funding my education.

Buddy4Study: What advice would you give to the younger ones who face various challenges while pursuing higher education?

Vedika: I think that we need to realize that children like me must continue to think big because there are institutions like IDFC FIRST Bank who will give wings to your dreams and turn them into reality.

Buddy4Study: What are your thoughts on giving back to society, once you start your professional life?

Vedika: Once I start my professional life, I want to associate myself with an NGO and help the acid attack victims, fight for the rights of women in society and inspire the women in our society to speak up and stand for themselves. I also want to create awareness about the environmental issues among my own relatives, friends and family.

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