SAT Scholarships – College Board India Scholars Program

SAT Scholarships – College Board India Scholars Program

College Board, in association with selected Indian universities, has launched SAT scholarships under the banner of the College Board India Scholars Program. Under the scholarship programme, the high performers in the SAT exam from India will be recognized for their achievement and the low-income, high-achieving students will receive full-tuition waiver as scholarship from top Indian Universities that are part of India Global Alliance.

Formed by College Board, the US-based organization that publishes and manages the SAT, the India Global Alliance is a consortium of educational institutions in India and abroad.  The Alliance provides a platform to Indian educational institutions to engage with some of the world’s most prominent and high-profile universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Cambridge, Columbia University, McGill University, the University of Hong Kong, among others.

Being a part of the Alliance, the participating universities will offer scholarships to the top performers in SAT, based on their financial need.

To encourage Indian students to take the SAT, the College Board has also partnered with Buddy4Study to provide up to 100% SAT fee reduction for March, May, October and December test admins for students in India.

Indian Universities Accepting SAT

The following universities are among the ten founding members of the India Global Alliance that will accept SAT for admissions:

Founding Members of India Global Alliance
S.No.Name of the University

About the University

Ahmedabad University
A private, non-profit university that offers students a liberal education focused on research and interdisciplinary learning.
Ashoka University
A pioneer in its focus on providing a liberal education at par with the best in the world
Azim Premji University
A not-for-profit University established in Karnataka in 2010
Bennett University
A state private university in Uttar Pradesh with the aim of providing Ivy League quality of education to undergraduate and postgraduate students
BML Munjal University
A not-for-profit initiative founded by the Hero Group and mentored by Imperial College, London.
FLAME University
A state private university established in 2014 in Maharashtra, and a Jain Minority Institution
Manav Rachna University
A state private university established in 2014 in Haryana
Manipal University
A private research institute located in Udupi, Karnataka, with branch campuses in Dubai and Mangalore
SRM Institute of Science and Technology
One of the top-ranking universities in India with over 38,000 students and more than 2600 faculty across all the campus
A multi-disciplinary University with 7 campuses and 14 constituent schools

Eligibility for the SAT Scholarships

To be eligible for the SAT scholarships, an applicant must fulfil the following criteria:
  • Be a resident of India
  • Be a student in Class 11 or 12 for session 2019–20
  • Have an annual household income of less than INR 800,000
  • Be a Top Performer in SAT exam (score of 1300 or more out of 1600)
  • Apply for admission to participating Indian universities
  • Get admission offer and enrol at a participating Indian university

How to avail complete fee waiver on SAT 

For those students, who have a family income less than INR 8 lakh,  College Board has offered complete fee waiver for SAT test-taker.

Eligibility Criteria for availing fee waiver for SAT exam:
  • Student should be a resident of India
  • Student should belong to a family with household income < INR 8,00,000 per year
  • Student should be in Class 11 or 12 for session 2019–20
To receive the SAT Fee reduction voucher and take the SAT for free, follow the below steps:
STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Apply for SAT Fee reduction voucher

STEP 3: Fill the application and upload the documents, as requested

STEP 4: Receive a fee reduction voucher code in your email

STEP 5: Register for SAT exam for December or March

STEP 6: Use the voucher code at the step of payment

How to apply for SAT Scholarships

To apply for the SAT Scholarships, follow the below steps:
STEP 1: Take the SAT

STEP 2: Score over 1300 out of 1600 on the SAT to be designated a ‘Top Performer’

STEP 3: Apply to be a College board India Scholar, if you fit the above-stated eligibility criteria