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PM Scholarship Scheme 2018

PM Scholarship – The Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme (PMSS), run by Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) Secretariat, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, is a scholarship scheme that aims at encouraging higher professional and technical education for the dependent wards and widows of Ex-Servicemen/Ex-Coast Guard personnel. Initiated in the year 2006-07, the PM scholarship scheme has by far influenced lakhs of students and helped them pursue their dream career with ease.

What are the benefits rendered to students under PM scholarship? What are the eligibility conditions that need to be fulfilled? How can one apply for the PM scholarship? When can you apply for it? Get an answer to all these questions in this article.

PM Scholarship – Important Dates

When is the right time to apply for the PM scholarship? Can you apply for the scholarship all through the year? What are some key dates about the scholarship that you must know? The answers to all these questions are covered in this section. The list given below contains the details of important dates related to the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme. While the fresh applications are accepted within a defined time limit, the renewal applications can be made all through the year.

Details of PM Scholarship Important Dates

S.No. Particular Important Dates*
1. Application Announcement in the Newspaper In the month of August
2. Application Deadline (Fresh) 15 November 2018
3. Recommendation of applications online by Coast Guard HQ 30 November 2018
4. Deadline for renewal application All through the year (except from January to April)

*The above-mentioned dates are applicable for this year. This may or may not change every year on the discretion of the scholarship provider.

PM Scholarship – Key Eligibility

Who are the candidates eligible for the PM scholarship? What are the key eligibility conditions that one need to follow to get this scholarship? Which are the courses for which the scholarship is applicable? The answers to all these questions are covered in this section. The key eligibility conditions that you need to fulfil for this scholarship include –

  • You must be a dependent ward/widow of Ex-Coast Guard or Ex-Servicemen (ESM) personnel.
  • You must have taken admission in the first year of professional courses mentioned in the list below. (Note: Not applicable for lateral entry and integrated courses).
  • The minimum education qualification to apply for these courses should be class 12/ diploma/ graduation.
  • The applicants should have obtained at least 60% marks or above in the minimum educational qualification.
  • The students studying in second year or subsequent years of such courses cannot apply for this scholarship (except for integrated courses).
  • The scholarship is not open for the wards of civilians including para military personnel.

Furthermore, the list of courses for which the scholarship is applicable is given in the list below.

List of all eligible courses for PM scholarship

S.No. Course Name Duration S.No. Course Name Duration
1. B.Arch. (all streams) 5 years 58. BVSc&AH 4.5 years
2. BE/BTech (all streams) 4 years 59. BNYS 4.5 years
3. B.Plan. 4 years 60. BDS 4 years
4. BSc (Nautical Technology) 4 years 61. B Pharma (all streams) 4 years
5. BSc (CA and BM) 4 years 62. B Pharma (Ayurveda) 4 years
6. BHM 4 years 63. Ayurvedacharya 4 years
7. BHMCT 4 years 64. BSc BPT 4 years
8. BHTM 4 years 65. BPO (Prosthetics & Orthotics) 4 years
9. BTTM 4 years 66. B.Optometry 4 years
10. BHMTT 3 years 67. BOT (Occupational Therapy) 4 years
11. BSc (HHA) 3 years 68. BSc MLT (Medical Lab Technology) 4 years
12. BBA 3 years 69. BSc (Nursing) 4 years
13. BBM 3 years 70. BVSc 4.5 years
14. BMS 3 years 71. GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery) 3 years
15. BBS 3 years 72. BRSc (Rehabilitation Science) 3 years
16. MBA 2 years 73. BASLP 3 years
17. MFM 2 years 74. BSc (Physician Assistant) 3 years
18. MFT 2 years 75. BSc (Operation theatre, Anaesthesia Technology) 3 years
19. Masters in HRD 2 years 76. BSc (Medical, Bio-Medical, Biochemistry, Microbiology, etc.) 3 years
20. MIB 2 years 77. BSc (Forensic Science) 3 years
21. Masters in Marketing Mgmt. 2 years 78. BSc (Medical Tech in Radiography) 3 years
22. MMS 2 years 79. BSc (Public Health/ All nutrition programme) 3 years
23. MSW 2 years 80. BSc (Speech & Hearing) 3 years
24. BSc (Agriculture) 4 years 81. BSc (Optometry) 3 years
25. BSc (Forestry) 4 years 82. BSc (Ophthalmic) 3 years
26. B.F.Sc. 4 years 83. BSc (Hons) Family/ Community Science 3 years
27. BSc (Sericulture) 4 years 84. BSc (Audiometry) 3 years
28. BSc (Crop Physiology) 4 years 85. BSc (CPT) 3 years
29. BSc (Agri-Marketing) 3 years 86. BSc (Neuro Technology) 3 years
30. BSc (Horticulture) 3 years 87. BJMC 3 years
31. B.Voc. (Food Processing) 3 years 88. BSc (Media Technology/ Mass Media/ Multimedia/ Animation) 3 years
32. BSc (Food Processing Technology) 3 years 89. B.El.Ed. (Elementary Education) 4 years
33. BSc (Applied Life Sciences) 3 years 90. BPES (Physical Education and Sports) 3 years
34. BAAC (all streams) 4 years 91. BEd 2 years
35. BSc (Dairy Technology) 3 years 92. BPEd 2 years
36. BFA 4 years 93. BEd (Special Education) 2 years
37. B.Design 4 years 94. LLB 3 years
38. BPA (Performing Arts) 4 years 95. BA + LLB Last 3 years
39. BID (Interior Design) 4 years 96. BCom + LLB Last 3 years
40. BVA (Visual Arts) 4 years 97. BSc + LLB Last 3 years
41. BFT (Fashion Technology) 3 years 98. BA + BEd Last 2 years
42. BFD (Fashion Designing) 3 years 99. BCom + BEd Last 2 years
43. B.Voc (Fashion, Design, Retail) 3 years 100. BSc + BEd Last 2 years
44. BSc (Fashion/ Textile/ Apparel/ Designing) 3 years 101. BA + MBA Last 2 years
45. BSc (Fashion & Lifestyle Tech.) 3 years 102. BCom + MBA Last 2 years
46. B.Jd&M (Jewellery Design and Management) 3 years 103. BSc + MBA Last 2 years
47. BCA (Computer Application) 3 years 104. BA/BCom/BSc + BEd Spl. Ed. Last 2 years
48. MCA 3 years 105. BTech + LLB First 4 years
49. BSc (Computer Science, Cyber Forensic, etc.) 3 years 106. BTech + MTech First 4 years
50. BSc (Software Engineering) 3 years 107. BE + ME First 4 years
51. BSc (Electronics) 3 years 108. BSc (MLT) + MBA First 4 years
52. B.Stat (Statistics) 3 years 109. BBA + LLB First 3 years
53. MBBS 4.5 years 110. BCA + LLB First 3 years
54. BAMS 4.5 years 111. BBA + MBA First 3 years
55. BSMS 4.5 years 112. BCA + MCA First 3 years
56. BUMS 4.5 years 113. BEd + MEd (Spl. Ed.) First 2 years
57. BHMS 4.5 years

PM Scholarship – Application Process

What are the steps to be followed to apply for the PM scholarship? Can a student apply for the scholarship offline? No, the applications for PM scholarship is made online only. Here is the step-by-step guide for you to apply for the scholarship –

Step 1: Registering with KSB

  • Visit the official website of KSB.
  • Click on “PMSS” dropdown and select “New Application”.
  • Click on “How to apply for scholarship” to go through the application guidelines carefully.
  • Select “Apply online” to register with KSB.
  • Fill in all required details in Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Click on “Submit”.

Step 2: Email Verification

  • Once you submit the registration form, you will receive an automatically generated link on your registered email.
  • Click on the link to verify your email.

Step 3: Complete the application

  • Once your email is verified, again visit the official website of KSB.
  • Click on “Login” to complete the application.
  • Fill in all required details.
  • Upload the scanned copy of all supporting documents.
  • Finally submit the application.

PM Scholarship – Documents Required

Once you are aware of the step-by-step application process, you must be further willing to know about the necessary documents that you need to submit to apply for the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme. Since the applications are accepted online, it is advised to the applicants that they prepare the scanned copies of all the supporting documents before starting the application. Here is the list of all supporting documents that you must provide during PM scholarship application –

  • Certificate of Ex-Servicemen/Ex-Coast Guard
  • Bonafide certificate duly filled and signed by the Principal/ Vice Chancellor/ Dean/ Registrar/ Director/ Vice Principal/ Associate Dean/ Dy Registrar/ Dy Director of the college/institute
  • Certificate from the bank stating that the Aadhaar Card of the applicant is linked with his/her account
  • Certificate of Matriculation to verify the date of birth
  • Certificate of Minimum Educational Qualification (MEQ) as applicable – Class 12th mark sheet, Graduation mark sheet (for all years) or diploma mark sheets (for all semesters)
  • Aadhaar card of the candidate
  • The first page of bank passbook (PNB/SBI only) that clearly mentions the name and account number of the applicant
  • Category wise PPO and document as given in the table below –

List of documents (category-wise)

S.No. Category Document
1. Category – 1 Part II Order (for Army), Genform (For Navy), POR (for Air Force)
2. Category – 2 Part II Order (for Army), Genform (For Navy), POR (for Air Force)
3. Category – 3 Part II Order (for Army), Genform (For Navy), POR (for Air Force)
4. Category – 4 Part II Order (for Army), Genform (For Navy), POR (for Air Force)
5. Category – 5 Award certificate with the gazette notification
6. Category – 6 ESM Identity Card or PPO

PM Scholarship – Rewards

How much scholarship amount will you receive under the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme? How many numbers of scholarships are disbursed every year? Is there any reservation for girls? These questions are obvious to occur in your mind. While a total of 5500 eligible candidates get benefit under this scheme every year, the number of girls receiving this scholarship is equal to the number of boys receiving this scholarship. However, the amount of scholarship given to girls is INR 2250 per month and the amount of scholarship given to boys is INR 2000 per month, paid annually. Furthermore, the duration of the scholarship may vary from one year to five years depending on your course duration.

PM Scholarship – Selection Criteria

What are the criterions that are considered while shortlisting the students for PM scholarship? Who is responsible for the final selection students? While end-to-end implementation and disbursement of the scheme is taken care by the Kendriya Sainik Board, the preference is given to students in the following order –

Category 1: The first preference is given to the wards and widows of Ex-Coast Guard/ ESM personnel who were killed in action.

Category 2: The second preference is given to the wards of Ex-Coast Guard/ ESM personnel who got disabled in action and thereafter boarded out of service with disability attributable to Coast Guard/ Military service.

Category 3: The third preference is given to the wards and widows of Ex-Coast Guard/ ESM personnel who died during their service for causes attributable to Coast Guard/ Military service.

Category 4: The next preference is given to the wards of Ex-Coast Guard/ ESM personal who got disabled during their service with disability attributable to Coast Guard/ Military service.

Category 5: Further, the preference is given to the wards and widows of Ex-Coast Guard/ ESM personnel who have received gallantry awards.

Category 6: Lastly, the preference is given to the wards and widows of Ex-Coast Guard/ESM personnel (PBOR only).

PM Scholarship – Renewal

Is there a need for renewal of scholarship? If yes, then how can you apply for the renewal? While the selected scholars will get the first instalment of the PM scholarship immediately after the merit list is announced, the subsequent payments are made only if the students apply for the renewal after the completion of each academic year. Just like the fresh application, you can also apply for the renewal online. However, to be eligible for the renewal application, it is mandatory for you to fulfil certain conditions that include –

  • You should obtain at least 50% marks in each semester or academic year.
  • You need to pass all subjects in each year/semester in one attempt.

The best thing about renewal is that you can apply for it within one year of the declaration of results and the applications can be made all through the year except for the months between January and April.

PM Scholarship – Frequently Asked Questions

Are there still some questions that have not been answered yet? If yes, then this section covers almost every important question related to the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme. Here is a compilation of some frequently asked questions about the scheme that you must not miss. Furthermore, if you are left with more queries, you can contact the scholarship provider on their respective contact details.

Q1. Can a student apply offline for the PM scholarship?

No, only online applications are accepted for PM scholarship through the official website of KSB (Kendriya Sainik Board).

Q2. If a student is studying in the 2nd year of professional course, can he/she apply for the Prime Minister Scholarship?

No, the student in the first year of professional courses only can apply for the scholarship, except for the lateral entries and integrated courses.

Q3. Is the PM scholarship applicable for diploma courses?

No, the prime minister scholarship scheme is not applicable for diploma courses. It only covers professional degree courses that are recognised by a central regulatory body like AICTE, UGC, MCI, etc.

Q4. Is the scholarship open for PG courses?

No, only MCA and Management (MBA) courses are eligible under this scheme.

Q5. Can a student use PM scholarship to study abroad?

No, the scholarship is paid to carry out studies in India only.

Q6. Can a PMSS scholar apply for the same scholarship again?

No, a student can avail the scholarship only for one course.

Q7. What are the criteria to be fulfilled to get the scholarship for the subsequent years?

The students have to secure a minimum of 50% marks in each academic year/semester to the scholarship for subsequent years failing which the scholarship will be closed for them.

Q8. Is the scholarship available for civilians or wards of Para-military personnel/central armed forced police?

No, the scholarship is only applicable to the wards and widows of Ex-servicemen who have served the Coastguards, Air Force, Army or Navy.

PM Scholarship – About KSB

Considered one of the apex bodies of Government of India, the Kendriya Sainik Board functions under the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence to formulate policies for the welfare and resettlement of Ex-servicemen and their dependents. Just like the KSB functions at the centre, the Rajya Sainik Board (RSB) and Zila Sainik Board (ZSB) are also functional for formulation and implementation of welfare/resettlement schemes for Ex-servicemen at state/UT and district level respectively. At present, there are 32 RSBs and 392 ZSBs to support the central government.

PM Scholarship – Contact Details

In case, you have any query related to the PM scholarship, its eligibility, award details, selection criteria, application process and more, you can directly contact your respective Zila Sainik Board or the below-mentioned contact details –

KSB helpline number – 1800115250


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