How to prepare for LSAT-INDIA 2018?

All you Need is Reason’, I could have summed up this post right here. When you are writing on a subject that requires offering tips to prepare for India’s most widely recognized reading and verbal reasoning test for law schools, a tagline like this sums it all. LSAT-India does not require you to be a mathematics wizard or a general knowledge geek, neither does it ask for any legal knowledge, the only trait it looks for is the ability to reason and reason well.

For those who are here just to know what LSAT-India is, here are a few details. LSAT-India is managed by Law School Admission Council (LSAC), a non-profit based in America offering standardized tests of reading and verbal reasoning for use by law schools in India. By qualifying for LSAT-India, you automatically qualify for admission in more than 70 reputed law schools in India, placement assistance and multiple scholarship opportunities.

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How to prepare for LSAT-INDIA 2018?

While preparation for almost every top-rated competitive exam is principally the same – planning, preparation, and polishing, LSAT demands a bit more with the hashtag reason. Here are a few handy tips that will help you prepare for LSAT.Before we kick start the drill, I’ll give you a sneak peek into LSAT. Consider this, “Since in utilitarianism and consequentialism in general the ultimate questions must always be whether and to what extent the valued end-state (be it happiness or possession of true knowledge) obtains at a particular moment, it is inevitable that the judgments on the human agencies that may affect this end-state must be wholly instrumental: human actions can be judged only by their tendency to produce the relevant end-states”, if you can comprehend this, you are prepared for the launchpad that would earn you the coveted title of ‘Lawyer’.

The LSAT-India breakdown

LSAT-India comprises five tests of 35 minutes each covering reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning sections. Four out of these five sections are scored and one is unscored. Although you will never know what the unscored sections are, you may still get a hint by talking to peers who have appeared for the tests earlier or cleared the tests. Every year, LSAT-India includes experimental sections and tests their viability. In addition to this, you are also required to undergo a writing test which will be shared with Law Schools along with your scores. The writing test is not marked and is taken purely to underscore your ability to communicate effectively. All the sections in the LSAT-India are designed to infer your reason capability to reason critically, understand and comprehend complex texts, apply logic in a set condition and more on these lines.

Network with LSAT-India aspirants and achievers

Many before you have applied for and qualified LSAT-India with flying colours. Find out and network with those who have tasted the rainbow. Their preparation method, material, and schedule will give you a fair idea to prepare your armoury.

Read, read, read

The more you read, the more you know. Sample test papers, old LSAT papers, reference material, online courses are available aplenty. In fact, the LSAC website itself offers a repository of documents called Free Official Prep Material that you can utilize for your preparation.

Simulate tests

LSAT-India works in pre-designed format. The more comfortable you are with the format, the better are your chances of hitting the bull’s eye. Practice in a simulated environment with sample test papers and stick to the time just like you would at the LSAT-India test venue.

Listen to the experts

There are a number of strategies, preparation videos available online and on the LSAC website that you can refer for quick guidance on the test. These videos are prepared by LSAC’s Test Development Group and there are no second thoughts on its authenticity.

Practice reasoning

The key to cracking LSAT-India is in its tagline – All you Need is Reason. Practice taking mental reasoning, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning test. The more you practice, the more you condition your mind to win.
I wish you grand success in the upcoming LSAT-India exam. May reason be with you.