Top colleges to study Law outside India

From time immemorial, Law has always been a promising and fascinating career option for students who have explored this genre of the field. With the change of time, more new branches such as space, cyber, intellectual property, and international laws are getting added to this field along with traditional branches such as civil, criminal, corporate, taxation, labour and election law to make it more comprehensive and promising.

From Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama, many have used the legal profession as a stepping-stone to their unfathomable greatness and success.

It’s an exciting and challenging profession and can also be satisfying to know that you have the ability to save an innocent person from a life in prison or from execution.

At present, law students are better trained than ever before with many national and international colleges offering a wide range courses on law.

Now the challenge with aspirants is to do a lot of research to find out the best international institutes offering best law courses. To ease their work of research, here, we have prepared a list of colleges, universities and institutes for students to study law outside India.

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Harvard Law School

Established in 1817, Harvard Law School consistently ranks among the top three law schools in the world. This school offers Junior Deferral Program (J.D.) which is equivalent to LL.B. in India and LL.M. Program– a one-year specialisation program for LL.B. degree holders. It also offers advanced law degree the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) and other research programs.


Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Legal study became a part of the University of Cambridge in the 13th Century. Ranked among the top three law schools in the world, the Faculty of Law offers six degrees in Law which are BA, LL.M., MCL, M.Litt., Ph.D., and LLD. Besides these courses, it also provides M.Phil. in Criminology and Criminological Research, and Diploma in Legal studies and International Law.


Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

One of the top law schools in the world, the Faculty of Law at Oxford University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students. It includes programs like BA in Jurisprudence, Diploma in Legal Studies, Bachelor of Civil Law, MSc in Law & Finance, MPhil in Law and DPhil in Law.


Yale Law School

One of the premier law schools in the world, the Yale Law School is famous for producing leaders in all walks of life. This school offers five degrees including J.D. Program, Graduate Programs and Joint Degrees to students.


Stanford Law School

Established in 1893, the Stanford Law School is one of the highly rated law schools in the world. The SLS offers JD Program, Joint Degree and Cooperative Programs with other institutions and also, Advanced Degree Programs to students interested in pursuing law degree from Stanford.


These law schools are not only best in the field of Law, they also offer scholarships to financially weaker candidates. These students can avail scholarships offered by these schools to lessen their financial burden.

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