Don’t Give in to Your Dissertation- Learn How to Take Control of It

Even to the most poised students, writing a 20,000-words long dissertation is a pretty intimidating, or more like extremely-troublesome, task. As soothing as it sounds, surrendering yourself to this unimaginably-difficult enterprise isn’t going to solve any of your problems. On that contrary, it will add more to your already escalating stress. Your level of stress intensifies even more should you procrastinate. It is because the more you procrastinate, the more you get further away from your degree.

Although dissertation can be so unbearable at times, it doesn’t mean giving up is the only way out. Remember, every problem has a solution, and solutions can only be unearthed if you start taking control of things instead of eluding them.

Now you’ve settled down, let’s start with understanding what a dissertation is and why it is so important, followed by how you can overcome its agonizing pressure.

For starters, dissertation is nothing like what you’ve ever come across until your graduation. It is a research paper that elaborates on a pre-approved topic or hypothesis in great details. The findings, extracted out at the end of the research, can make a huge difference in the field you are trying to establish yourself.

It is an important enterprise because it lets the dissertation writers (students/graduates) to demonstrate their research skills and level of insights into the field so that they can be awarded an advanced degree.

Now the air is clear, shall we move on to the steps you can take to get over with this tiresome undertaking in a ‘not-so’ demanding fashion?

Make Sure You Pick the Right Committee

Students, who don’t give much thought to the affair of choosing the right committee, ultimately end up regretting their decision. Committee selection is as important as the dissertation itself because it can make the whole matter either too difficult or fairly painless. Pick someone who has helped students before with dissertation on the field you are working. Choose a flexible person- someone who you can get along just fine.

Don’t Put Things Off Until Tomorrow

With procrastination, comes an ending episode of anxiety, which is the last thing you’d ever want. The dissertation isn’t something you can do in a single day, let alone overnight. It is a systematic yet pretty extensive task that requires careful planning. Sometimes, dissertations can take even a whole half year to be researched and drafted. Therefore, you should start as early as possible so that you may not have to make haste at the end of the day.

Work Every Day As Long As You Possibly Can

Working even just half an hour on your dissertation every day is certainly better than doing nothing. Do the necessary research, brainstorm ideas, review journals or analyze material every day until you feel tired or exhausted. Make it your mission to draft at least one page per day. However, if you are feeling bored following the same routine every day, mix up things a bit. Set some days in a week when you only focus on drafting the dissertation, while expend the rest of the week on fixing citations, title page, bibliography or index.

Never Seek Perfection When There Isn’t Any

Remember that we are just humans and humans can’t achieve perfection in anything. There is no perfect talent, skills, knowledge or any other thing for that matter. So, don’t let yourself be trapped by the bottomless quagmire of perfection. When it comes to dissertation, just keep on writing and never look back until you finish the first draft. Ignore all the errors, incorrect sentence structures or content flow while writing and leave them for later. And when you edit, focus only on correcting any errors in the work, and not on re-writing or continuous paraphrasing sentences in the quest of seeking perfection.

Author Bio: – Anissa Lee is an author and a professional dissertation expert. He writes blog posts to help students with their academic studies. You can follow him on Twitter.