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Corporations and Companies Involved in Education Funding

Malcolm X has rightly said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

The importance of education is something that most of us comprehend and value. But in recent times, the significance of talented, innovative and hardworking people has increased tenfold owing to an immense number of opportunities that are popping up in the world today.

Relation between education and employment

Keeping in mind the need for a skilled workforce, even the Corporate Sector has begun to show involvement in the field of education funding and scholarships.

Such endeavors become a great motivating factor for the progress and development of students who do not have access to adequate financial resources for educational endeavors.

Without a doubt, the impact of great corporations funding deserving students will bring about a change in the realms of education.

Here is a list of few examples of scholarships offered by well-known and remarkable organizations who continue to invest in education funding and give wings to the dreams of numerous children around the country.

1. Novus Biologicals:

Research is imperative for the development and the progression of the human race. What is development without reflection?

Novus Biologicals is a Biotechnology oriented company, located in Littleton, Colorado with distribution offices established in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. This company has started a scholarship program for students who are research-oriented and want to further their scientific outlook.

The eligibility criterion for a student to benefit from this scholarship is that they should be pursuing a degree in science or any science-related field. The endowment is of $1500 is awarded twice a year.

For further details about the scholarship, follow the link below:


2. BEL India

The University of Queensland organizes the BEL India Scholarship. The University of Queensland is a research-oriented university based out of Australia in the capital city, Brisbane. It happens to be well-known and is consistent amongst the top ten institutes in most of the international school rankings.

The contemporary scholarship invites Indian students studying within the Business, Economics and Law at undergraduate and Master’s level to pursue the course in the university.

For more details about this opportunity, follow the link given:


3. World Wildlife Fund Corporation

Wild Wisdom Quiz, organized by the WWF or World Wildlife Foundation, focuses on emphasizing the importance of wildlife conservation and spreading awareness about wildlife in general. The Quiz is a means to provide a platform for young minds to plant the seeds of environmental awareness and sensitivity within their minds.

WWF a successful education funding corporation

The initiative of the quiz started in 2008 and has since helped in involving the youth in environmental causes.

The endowment includes a sponsored trip for 2 Days and 2 Nights to one of the World Wild Life Conservation landscapes to see and experience nature and wildlife from an experiential perspective.

For more details about this wildlife adventure cum educational opportunity, please follow the link below:


4. Tata Building India

Tata Building is another corporation that has several projects and scholarships for educational advancement and improvement.

One such outstanding scholarship is the Tata Building India Online Essay Competition. The competition is open to all school students who have the option of participating in the English language category, the Hindi language category or the regional language category. The winners receive citations from Tata Building India widening the horizons for them.

For more information about the scholarships offered by Tata Building India or the like, follow the link:


5. OIL India Limited

OIL India Limited is one of the largest hydrocarbon exploration corporation in the country. The company is a state-owned corporation and has corporate offices in Noida, New Delhi.

OIL India also provides scholarships and endowments. One such scholarship is OIL Awards and the OIL Merit Scholarship. The eligibility criteria include the aspect that students need to be in the tenth standard or twelfth standard to receive this scholarship.

To know more about the scholarships provided, follow the link below:


6. Clinic Plus Scholarship

Clinic Plus is a household name and a product under the Unilever Corporation.

This award provides endowments up to 1, 00,000 INR depending on the academic skills that they strive to enhance and emphasize amongst students.

To know more about the scholarships offered by Hindustan Unilever Limited follow the link below:



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