AICTE Lateral Entry Scheme – Affiliated Colleges to Offer Direct Admission

New Delhi, 8 June 2022 AICTE Lateral Entry Scheme – The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has asked all of its affiliated colleges to provide midway admissions to students who could not continue their studies due to unforeseeable circumstances. As per AICTE, students who were unable to continue their engineering and other degree programmes must be allowed to complete their degrees on “sympathetic considerations”

The council cited the NEP 2020 protocol that allows multiple entry and exit points as its reason for asking for lateral entry admissions. It noted that “NEP 2020 already provides for multiple entry-multiple exit, crediting the courses completed in the Academic Bank of Credit and making use of it later, in the same place or elsewhere”.

The dictum will also be applicable to candidates admitted into NDA and other defence-related institutes, who could not complete their courses due to medical reasons. 

AICTE Lateral Entry Scheme – Overview

Announcement Made By All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Announcement Details AICTE has asked all of its affiliated colleges to provide midway admissions to students who could not continue their studies
Applicable To All colleges and institutions under AICTE 
Caters To Students and military cadets who could not complete their education and had to leave midway
Announcement Made In June 2022
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AICTE Lateral Entry Scheme – Details

  • Every year, several candidates drop out or have to quit their studies midway due to certain issues. 
  • These candidates pursue Diplomas, BA/BSc/BTech degrees, MTech degrees, MBA programmes, and other courses but find themselves unable to complete them.
  • In such cases, they have to again re-enroll in a fresh batch or risk getting no education at all.
  • Similarly, several cadets from the National Defence Academy (NDA) and other military academies have to quit every year due to physical injuries incurred during the training. 
  • As these cadets also pursue their diploma, undergraduate, and post graduate courses from the same defence institutions, they have to drop out from these as well.
  • Further, the cadets struggle to continue with their academic courses elsewhere, as they do not get direct admission into other institutes but have to again start from scratch.
  • This has led to many students dropping out of their education entirely or has led to the students getting admission in lower-quality colleges.
  • Therefore, AICTE has decided to ask its institutions to consider giving the candidates lateral admission on the grounds of “sympathetic considerations”. 
  • On top of that, the council has also asked its institutions to give midway admission to military cadets who had to quit due to medical reasons.
  • If the dictum is followed by colleges, students who had to quit their education midway can get admissions directly from that point forward. For example, candidates who had to quit in their second year will be able to get AICTE admission 2022 through lateral entry in the same year of study.
  • In a similar vein, the AICTE lateral entry scheme will also allow NDA exam qualifiers and military cadets to continue their education in the same course in other institutes. If a cadet is medically boarded out in the third year, he could get admission in the third year in the same course in other institutes. 


Who can get lateral admission into AICTE-affiliated institutes?

Students who had to drop out of their college education midway due to unforeseeable reasons will be able to get lateral admission in AICTE colleges on the basis of sympathetic considerations.

Which colleges will provide direct admission to students?

All colleges that are affiliated with AICTE have been asked to start providing lateral admissions to deserving students.

I had to drop out of NDA in my second year. Will I be able to get admission?

Yes! All military cadets who were admitted into defence organisations but had to drop out will be able to get admission. In this case, the admission will be provided directly into second year in the same course.