AICTE Announces Online Internship for 20,000 Students in Cybersecurity

New Delhi: The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) – along with the IT firm Cisco – has announced 20,000 virtual internship opportunities in the field of cybersecurity. The internship program is going to run for two months and is exclusively for students in their second and third years, who are pursuing a degree in engineering. The AICTE-Cisco internship program aims to increase employment opportunities for potential students by training the students through the ins and outs of the cybersecurity domain.  

Note: Interested candidates can apply for the internship on the AICTE Internship Enterprise Portal.

Latest Update: AICTE has launched a virtual Python Programming internship with DDOS Solutions. The internship will be provided to 1,000 students. The last date to apply for the same is October 7, 2022.

Who Will be Conducting the AICTE Internship 2022?

AICTE has launched the virtual internship programme along with Cisco and NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime. The program is being run as a part of the digital skilling initiative taken by AICTE in association with NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime. However, the virtual internships will be provided to 20,000 applicants via Cisco Networking Academy. 

Note: Applicants are requested to remember that this internship is not the same as Cisco India’s Standard Internship Program that is being operated through Cisco’s career page. Therefore, all aspirants are advised to refer to the official AICTE Internship 2022 website for more details.


AICTE Internship 2022 – Details

  • To be eligible for the internship opportunity, it is mandatory for all candidates to complete the Introduction to Packet Tracer and Cyber Security Essentials course via the Cyber Security Internship pathway at the NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime. Or, they can reach out to the NetAcad instructor at their respective institutions for the same. 
  • Only second and third-year students from engineering fields, studying in any institution associated with Cisco Networking Academy are eligible to participate in the internship program.
  • After the successful completion of the courses at the virtual internship portal (link to be received after creating an account), candidates will be invited to participate in a 3-hour industry session conducted by Cisco.
  • After the industry session is completed, candidates will work under the guidance of a faculty coordinator at their respective institutions to design a secure network for their own institution on Packet Tracer Simulation Tool.
  • Once the task is completed and submitted, candidates will have to appear for a final quiz round.

AICTE Internship 2022 – Perks

By the end of the internship programme, if a candidate is able to complete the coursework and pass the final quiz, he/she will be awarded with an internship certificate based on his/her performance.

AICTE Internship 2022 – FAQs

Who can apply for AICTE Internship 2022?

Candidates pursuing B.Tech./B.E. in the second and third-year can apply for the internship.

What is the duration of the AICTE Internship 2022?

The duration of the internship is two months.

What are the benefits of the AICTE Internship 2022?

Candidates will be awarded an internship certificate based on their performance. The internship program will also help in developing prospects for future employment.

Note: For further details, visit AICTE Internship 2022 official website.