5 things to do after you win a scholarship

As it is said, victory, it is just the beginning of the journey. So is the case with scholarships. Winning a scholarship is a daunting task. You put in a lot of effort, time, and perseverance to earn a scholarship. You will find a lot of guides, as in real life, telling you what to do to succeed. Rarely does anyone tells you what to do when you succeed! In this post, we are going to tell you the five key things you should do after you win a scholarship.

It feels great to get a letter of confirmation proudly perched in your inbox telling you that out of the many hundreds and thousands who applied, you made it. When the celebrations dry down, begins the unending wait for the scholarship to materialize, for the money to rattle an ‘I’m in’ tone from your bank account.
Remember, winning is only half the job done. Many scholarship providers expect you to complete certain formalities even after you are the chosen one. Here are the top five things you should do after you win a scholarship.

What after you win a scholarship??

1. Express gratitude and acknowledge

Alright, you delivered a great essay that landed you the coveted scholarship. Time to flex your writing muscles a bit more. The moment you gather confirmation, prepare to write a thank you note to the scholarship provider. Express that you are thankful for providing this opportunity and that you acknowledge the winning of scholarship. This should greatly reduce your chance of losing out in case they think you are not interested and pass it to the next best applicant. Carefully read the terms of acceptance of scholarship, if any, provided by the sponsor. In case there are no guidelines, drop a simple letter expressing your acceptance of the scholarship. Also, providers may publish a list of all the winners on their website, make sure you keep a copy of the list that features your name.

2. Provide all documents

Yes, you read it right. Many a time, scholarship providers ask for a different set of documents at the time of application and after you win a scholarship being managed by them. This may include documents like:
  1. Acceptance letter from your college/university where you have successfully enrolled to pursue a course
  2. Student ID Card
  3. Details of school/college like contact address, tuition fee, entitlements etc
  4. Acceptance letter from your college that you are eligible to use this scholarship
  5. Short bio and photograph
Read the scholarship terms and conditions carefully and aim to provide all the required documents in a single mail. This will strengthen your case and the provider will consider you a genuine applicant who needs the scholarship. Never put off the task of submission of documents to another day. Every day counts and a delay might result in cancellation of the award of scholarship in case the provider is expecting the documents on a certain deadline.

3. Inform your parents and school

Most of the applicants who win a scholarship forget to inform the authorities. Ensure that your parents and your school/college are aware of your incredible feat. Some scholarship providers require a confirmation from your school or a certain registration number of the school to confirm allocation of the scholarship fund.

4. Fill out all application renewal forms

Sometimes the scholarship providers would require you to fill certain forms in case the scholarship is for a fixed period of years. This is also known as the renewal of scholarship application. You must enter your correct details in the renewal form and express willingness to continue receiving the fund for the entire duration of the scholarship.

5. Know the dates

Scholarship providers follow different protocols. While some may immediately transfer the entire amount to your bank account, others may opt for instalment scheme. Some may even transfer the amount directly to your school/college. Make sure you are aware of these terms and the dates when the disbursal happens. Mark your calendar and make it a point to follow up with the provider once the due date of scholarship disbursement approaches.
While doing all the above will ensure that the fund reaches your bank account, it also reflects your sincerity and gratitude. Buddy4Study hosts many other such scholarships in various academic streams. If you wish to empower your future path of education, if you wish to create a future you desire, register with Buddy4Study and explore the world of scholarships that change life.