Ultimate guide to prepare for PTE

Do you aspire to study abroad? Are you a non- native English speaker and seeking immigration? If the answers are yes, then this is the right platform for you.

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is a computer based test which evaluates the English Language Proficiency of people who are non-native English speakers. It is a 3-hour long academic test which evaluates the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the candidate. The questions are made to test 2 skills together, which either can be reading and listening or speaking and reading. The speaking part of the exam is done on the computer and then your voice is recorded and sent for evaluation. The complete test is taken in a single session in secure environment. The best part of this exam is that the results are made available within 5 business days.

The PTE score for admission is accepted by several institutes across the world, including New Zealand, Canada, Australia, US and UK. Acclaimed universities such as Yale, Harvard, and INSEAD have also started accepting the PTE score. The Australian Government has also started accepting the PTE score for visa application. Even the ministries of education and employers accept it as proof of English Language Proficiency.

Well, by reading all this, if you are making your mind to go for this exam, then follow these tips that can help you prepare better for the test in order to score well. Once you are able to understand its format and prepare accordingly, 80+ score will not be difficult to achieve.

For reading and listening

You can always opt for reading materials such as magazines, journals, thesis, story books, essays, novels to boost your reading skills and for listening part, you can listen to English songs, poetries, radios which will help you in improving your skill.

For writing and speaking

For writing you can write anything on a daily basis and review it, this will improve your sentence formation as well grammar and vocabulary. You can listen to debate or radio discussions and pen down the points that have been said. For speaking skill, try to speak daily in English and find someone who has fluency in speaking English and communicate with him. With practicing these tips, you will be able to overcome your flaws and it will ultimately make you better in spoken English.

For Better understanding of the test

If you want to achieve something it is very important to get to the core of it. It’s imperative to know the different sections, test patterns, time allocation for each of the sections and how to score in it. This process will act as a blueprint for you. Because strong base will ultimately result in scoring high in the PTE exam. For this, you can visit the Pearson’s official website and know more about the test.

Practice as much as you can

Once you are aware of the basics, now is the time to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Give mock test as much as possible and note down your weak and strong areas and start working on it. The mock test will give you a clearer picture of where you stand and how much more effort needs to be put in by you. The moral is the more you practice the more you learn.

Increase the target of your score

Everyone has set some target score in their mind. We generally set a score that we think we can achieve but it’s important to know that we should always set the target score a bit higher. For example, if we are thinking of scoring around 60-65 then we get around 50-60 and in worst case, we get around 45-50. So if we set a target of getting around 70-75 then the worst case scenario will lead to 60-65. Therefore, it’s very important that we set the score bar bit higher.


Talking to people who have already given and cleared the exam will help you in giving an insight to what they went through, the slip-ups, the areas that are crucial and other critical points that you might have missed. You can also ask about the books that they have referred to while preparing for the exam.