Top scholarships for students of Kerala

With 100% literacy rate, Kerala ranks first in India, reflecting the fact that how much education is important for people of the state. Kerala has its own culture and traditions. Beside all these, Kerala is the most sought-after tourist destination with its serene beaches, hill stations, backwaters, bird and wildlife sanctuaries etc.

The state has made many momentous accomplishments in the field of social development and standard of life. The first priority for the state is always literacy and education and that is the only reason the state has set up numerous schools and other educational institutions. Kerala’s city named Kottayam was the first district to obtain full literacy rate in India. That’s where the Directorate of Collegiate Education Kerala is situated. That’s the organisation which roles out Government of Kerala Scholarships for aiding students to attain quality education.

To improve the education sector further in the state, Kerala government has launched a number of scholarships for its students to pursue higher studies. Here, we have prepared a list of Kerala Scholarships

Top Kerala Scholarships for All students

KSCSTE Kerala State Young Scientist Award

Launched by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment, Kerala State Young Scientist Award will honour young and talented Indian scientists for their outstanding contributions in any branch of science and technology but their research should be made in Kerala only by young Indian scientists having PhD.

CSIR Innovation Award for School Children

To support scientific temperament and to generate innovative spirit among the school children, this scheme is introduced by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India. Students below 18 years of age can take part in this competition and can take benefits of up to INR 1 lac.

Kerala Scholarships for Higher Education

The Anant Fellowship

To inculcate new ideas, knowledge and skills in youngsters, this scheme is introduced by the Anant National University for students of any discipline such as architecture, design, planning, environmental science and engineering, civil and construction engineering.

UNESCO/ISEDC Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme

With an aim to enhance the capacity and renewable energy sources in developing countries and countries in transition, this scheme is launched by the UNESCO for students having BSc degree or BA in economics degree. The stipend of 475 US dollars which covers living expenses such as accommodation, meals, pocket expenses, and incidentals, tuition fee waiver will be given to the candidates. Various other institutions also provide Kerala Scholarships for Study Abroad options.


This initiative is introduced by the Lets Endorse to motivate teachers and in turn to improve the quality of education. An individual or a team of up to 3 students from the same or different colleges can apply for this scholarship. Participants can be from a UG, PG or non-degree courses. Cash Prize up to INR 10,000 will be awarded to students who win the challenge.