Top courses to study at UCC with scholarships

One of the best universities in all of Europe, and ranked among the top 2% universities in the world, University College Cork, Ireland, has a wide gamut of options for students from all disciplines to choose from. There are over one hundred academic schools and departments to study at UCC, under its world-renowned colleges.

Of these colleges, the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, and the College of Business & Law, would be of particular interest to Indian students, in view of the scholarship opportunities they offer. Considering the UCC’s reputation across the board, its enviable placement track-record, as well as the opportunity to work in Ireland for up to 2 years after getting a degree, courses from these colleges are a golden chance for students to advance their academic and career prospects significantly.

Below, we’ve handpicked a selection of top courses to study at UCC for Indian Students. Remember, all these courses have available scholarships students can avail!

1. For Undergraduate’s Study at UCC

Renowned internationally for the quality of its teaching and research, the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science at UCC, comprises of seven Schools and one Department, and offers a wide choice of programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. For undergraduate students, the following 4-year full time degrees from the college would be of particular interest.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Nutritional Sciences – This course blends basic sciences, food science, human biology and nutrition in a unique and interesting way to provide a thorough understanding of the role of diet and nutrition for health and in prevention of major diseases.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Food Science – This programme provides students with a unique blend of scientific and technical skills, workplace experience and food innovation skills, highly sought after by national and international food companies.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Science – This course, offered by the Department of Computer Science, has a mandatory work placement module in the third year, with an aim to ensure the graduates from the program are work-ready, providing them with additional skills that cannot be taught through lecturers or in the laboratory

B.Sc.(Hons) in Mathematical Sciences (Single Honours) – One of the strongest Mathematical Sciences departments in the country offers this course that lays emphasis on developing problem solving skills across a range of disciplines. The program is highly regarded by employers, and graduates have an excellent track record in both their career and academics.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Data Science and Analytics – Jointly offered by the Departments of Computer Science and Statistics, this programme is suited for students with an aptitude in mathematics, logic and computational thinking, an enquiring mind and a willingness to adapt.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Biomedical Science (Joint Programme with CIT) – This degree in Biomedical Science, in conjunction with the clinical placement is accredited by both the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine and the Institute of Biomedical Science, and graduates from the program are eligible to work as a Biomedical Scientist in hospital laboratories in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Genetics – This course will teach students to understand how genes work in individuals and populations, with particular emphasis on the molecular basis of genetics.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Industrial Physics – This joint degree from the Departments of Mathematics and Physics, can lead to rewarding roles in many sectors such as Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceuticals. There is high employer demand for graduates from the program, with long established extended placement scheme in place with potential employers.

B.Sc.(Hons) in Physics and Astrophysics –  This programme offers excellent education in both experimental and theoretical physics. Strong links with local, national and international companies, as well as a strong international reputation in research, add additional value to this degree.

B.E.(Hons) in Engineering – This 4-year degree in engineering comes with a multiple choice of disciplines for specialization. Depending on which discipline a student takes, careers are available in a variety of sectors.

Scholarships to study at UCC with a 25 per cent fee waiver are applicable for each of these courses.

2. For Graduate’s Study at UCC

The following courses from the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science are recommended for Indian students pursuing post-graduation:

M.Sc. in Biotechnology – Offered as a 1-year full-time course, this is the most established MSc in Biotechnology course in Ireland and the most popular MSc course in UCC and comes with an opportunity to complete a six-month placement in industry or an academic research lab.

M.Sc. in Food Microbiology – Much of this 1-year full-time course is delivered by active research staff who are global leaders in a number of food microbiology fields.

M.Sc. in Food Science – Offered both as 1-year full-time, and a 2-Year part-time course, the course is amplified by the first-rate facilities at the college, including extensive and well-equipped laboratories, a large pilot plant with excellent dairy, meat and bakery facilities, and a modern pilot-scale brewery.

M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics – The 1-year full-time program, is jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Statistics, and provides an education in the key principles of this rapidly expanding area.

M.Sc. in Biology – Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation – The 1-year full-time program is a unique course aimed at highly-motivated students with an interest in biomedical research in the areas of: cancer biology, infection/immunity or molecular neuroscience and entrepreneurial thinking.

M.Sc. in Computer Science – Computing Science – The aim of this 1-year full-time course is to provide students with the skills required to understand the entrepreneurship and innovation required in the software industry.

M.Sc. in Computer Science – Interactive Media – This is an intensive course focusing on the practical and technical aspects of interactive media, with an aim to equip students from a wide range of backgrounds with a thorough understanding of the technology and industry-standard tools used in the digital media sector. It is offered both as a 1-year full-time, and a 2-Year part-time course, to study at UCC, Ireland campus.

M.Eng.Sc. in Engineering – Sustainable Energy – UCC have developed a 1-year full-time Masters in Engineering Science in Sustainable Energy, in recognition of the growing international market for sustainable energy systems and the shortage of qualified engineers.

With a scholarship, you can get up to 50 per cent of your tuition fee waived off to study at UCC for these courses.

UCC’s College of Business and Law hosts the Cork University Business School, a nationally and internationally recognized business school, offering a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate and post experience programmes. For students from India looking to pursue their post-graduation, the following courses would be of particular interest to study at UCC, Ireland.

M.Sc. in Management and Marketing – This unique course, offered as a 1-year M.Sc. degree, places great emphasis on the creative and innovative aspects of management and marketing which are essential for business careers and the development of the new knowledge-based economy.

M.Sc. in Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship – The MSc in Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship, known as the MSc(ICE), is a one-year, taught, multi-disciplinary master’s course that offers students the chance to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

M.Sc. in Information Systems for Business Performance – This course has an excellent employment record and provides students with a coherent set of skills essential for building, managing and leveraging effective and efficient information systems for organisations.

M.Sc. in Food Business and Innovation – A central part of this program is a Food Industry Centred Research Project with the opportunity to work in a food firm, food agency, university, bank or related establishment, where students gain valuable work experience.

M.Sc. in Finance (Corporate Finance) – This programme has been accepted into the CFA® Institute University Recognition Programme and the CAIA® Academic Partner Programme.  In addition, upon graduation from the programme you have exemptions from certain ACCA examinations. This course is also available as a 2-year part-time option.

M.Sc. in Finance (Asset Management) – The objective of this course is to produce graduates who can contribute immediately in the international financial services industry. This course is also available as a 2-year part-time option.

M.Sc. in Finance (Banking and Risk Management) – As well as providing a rigorous grounding in theory and methods, this course will provide students with the practical skills and techniques widely used in financial markets. This course is also available as a 2-year part-time option.

Scholarships provided by College of Business and Law to study at UCC will award a waiver of 3000 euros towards your tuition fee.

If any of these courses interest you, you should not miss this opportunity and apply for a scholarship to study at UCC, Ireland today!