The Importance of Scholarships

A small push can be a giant leap!

Have you ever wanted to do something that you were truly passionate about?

Ever had a feeling that by adopting a particular passion, you can change your entire life for good?

Have you ever had an opportunity to get into a particular field or profession that you were truly inclined towards?

Each and every one of us has our own passions and areas of interest that we would like to explore and excel at. On the other hand, there are only a few who are brave enough as well as privileged enough to take the road less travelled. Would the world not be a much better place if people followed their passion rather than spending their time waiting endlessly in line to feel worthy of what they are doing or pursuing?

What if you got a push at the right moment in your career? What if you were given a boost that could help you secure your future in the field that you are truly passionate about?

Scholarships: the Moral obligation of Nation

This is what scholarships are for; a morale boosting push that can help you propel yourself into the annals of creative freedom and true self-worth in the area of career professions. There are numerous ways in which scholarships have been tailored for the purpose of ensuring that each student may avail this crucial push during their educational journeys, depending on their personal aspirations. Importance of Scholarships is a phenomenon that needs attention not only among students but also stakeholders of society which have the ability and the responsibility to provide for societal development

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Direct Impact of Scholarships: School and Higher Education

There are numerous scholarships that have been created, with the goal of ensuring that essential aspects are taken into consideration with regards to the characteristics of the awardees themselves. For instance, one of the most common type of scholarships that are issued in schools include the merit or academic scholarship that is awarded to students who do exceptionally well in academic and educational frontiers. These are directed towards acknowledging exceptional students for their achievements in the fields of academics and educational prowess.

At the same, more than just acknowledging their achievements, the scholarships act as positive reinforcements for the students, thus giving them an incentive to perform better next time and improve themselves incrementally. This can prove to be a huge boost for the student when he/she looks for a career opportunity in the field of excellence. Through some case files Buddy4Study will now showcase the importance of scholarships for you.

Importance of Scholarships: Case Files

Buddy4Study Case File #1:

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam came from a poor family and used to sell newspapers as a teenager so as to provide for his family. This did not deter him from pursuing higher education. After graduating with a degree in Physics in 1954, APJ Abdul Kalam worked very hard and with right guidance, secured a scholarship for pursuing Aerospace Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. That’s where his life changed. He taught us that dreams can be fulfilled with perseverance.

Other types of scholarships may include need-based scholarships, which are directed towards fulfilling a particular social, psychological, physiological or even economic shortcoming. These include scholarships which are attributed to minorities as well as those who are mentally or physically disabled. The importance of scholarships like these owes to the fact that they are directed towards making the students feel passionate about learning and developing themselves, without having to worry about unequal economic, social, physical or mental standards or stereotypes.

This can help them achieve the required amount of confidence and passion towards their goals and aspirations, thereby developing them to move towards their career choices without the fear of being rejected or being out-of-place. These types of scholarships also include those which are awarded for women, especially owing to the fact that this push that they receive in their educational path can help them break free from the bonds of a patriarchal society. See, the importance of scholarships is not only educational or academic, its ‘institutional’ at the very philosophical grassroots of the society.

Importance of Scholarships in Extra-Curricular Academia

Yet other types of scholarships include those which are awarded to children who show considerable brilliance in sports, art forms and other unusual forms of activities which are considerably different from the normal educational path that they are on. For instance, children who show a considerable knack in music, painting, dance and other extracurricular activities are awarded the scholarship as a token of praising their dedication and bravery to something that is completely unique to them as an individual.

The importance of scholarships like these is for individuals who are into art forms, owing to the fact that they can heavily influence the way they choose their career choices. For instance, if an artist is awarded a scholarship for his prowess in a particular art form, he/she would be more open to taking that art form up as a career choice owing to the recognition that was given to his ability in the same.

Other types of scholarships include those which are awarded for community service, for creative expression outside the bounds of classrooms, for athletic prowess and achievements, for students whose parents are in the military, for international studies, to name a few.

Buddy4Study Fact File #2:

Some more famous Indians who achieved their dreams through different scholarships include KiranBedi, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, GirishKarnad, ShyamBenegal, etc. Some famous international celebrities who went to school on scholarship include Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington, Edward Hubble, Stephenie Meyer, etc.

The inherent importance of scholarships’ small push, at just the right time or phase of life, cannot be underestimated owing to the immense ways in which it can change the very perspectives and perceptions of students in a positive manner.

Have you or someone you know secured a scholarship recently? If yes, please share your story in comments and inspire young achievers.