Study abroad at UCC: 8 reasons why you should choose UCC

When it comes to knowledge, the world truly is without borders. From the times of ancient India where students came from as far as Greece and Syria to study at Nalanda and Taxila, to present day when the world’s leading universities are home to students from all over the globe, universities have always been cultural melting pots. Each student brings their own perspective to the learning process, contributing to the creation of shared knowledge across the world.

The pursuit of higher education in their chosen discipline has led students from India, too, to choose foreign universities for continuing their education. For those contemplating an education abroad, the choice of university and country is a crucial one, and is dependent on several factors.

If you, too, are thinking of studying abroad, here’s why we think University College Cork should be at top of your list of universities:

1. Reputation – University College Cork, or National University of Ireland, Cork has consistently been ranked as one of the best universities in Ireland and Europe, and among the top 2% globally. Founded in 1845, the University has a rich legacy, with its alumni featuring notably in the hall of fame of varied disciplines: be it art, politics, business, law, science, or academics.

2. Courses & Faculty – Whether you want to pursue a career in medicine, law, engineering, art, film, business or just about anything under the sun, you will find exactly the course and the degree you are looking for in UCC’s extensive range of highly ranked undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The faculty and research staff at UCC, too, are luminaries in their own right and are highly regarded in their chosen fields, nationally and internationally.

3. Campus & Facilities – Located in the heart of the city of Cork, the 170-year old UCC campus beautifully combines modern facilities with a slice of history and tradition. From modern laboratories with the latest equipment to over 100 sporting clubs and societies, the campus has everything a student could need and more, including a 140-year old observatory!

4. Student Experience – UCC boasts of a truly international student experience with students from all around the world forming a vibrant and close-knit community. The university provides excellent student services and career guidance support, and boasts of a 97% placement rate, with a majority of its graduates securing employment within three months of graduation.

5. IT Hub – Ireland is a world hub for the IT industry and the second largest exporter of computer and IT services in the world. 4 of the top 5 global IT giants have their presence in Ireland and UCC has been steadily supplying the industry with a highly creative and talented workforce through graduates of its reputed IT department.

6. Affordable ­– Compared to comparable universities in the rest of Europe or USA, a degree from UCC, Ireland, would weigh much lighter on your wallet. The cost of living in Ireland is also much lesser, and not much higher than in India.

7. Work in Ireland –  A degree from UCC, Ireland, also opens doors for you to work in Ireland post your graduation for up to 2 years. Under the Irish immigration law, graduates with an honours degree from Ireland can get an extension of 12 months on their residency, along with a work permit, while those with a Masters or Ph.D. can get an extension up to 24 months.

8. Scholarships – And lastly, the primary reason why Indian students should not miss this opportunity to study at UCC is the fantastic scholarship opportunity the university presents specially for them. The institution is inviting application for UCC Ireland Meritorious Scholarship for Indian Students 2018. Open for students in India who’ve achieved at least 85% in their X/XII exams (for undergraduate programs), or 65% in their X/XII/Degree exams (for post-graduation), the scholarship rewards a tuition fee waiver of up to 50% to deserving candidates.

If you are not convinced yet, here’s another reason for you:

9. Bonus Reason: Cork, Ireland! – Lest you forget, for the duration of your study you will be residing in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet – Ireland! Cork is a great student city, with a forever present buzz around town or college, and a ton of cultural events to participate in!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity, and apply today for a scholarship to study at UCC!