Applying for a Scholarship? Get Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

A scholarship application can turn out to be a tedious task if you don’t have the complete know-how of it. 

While applying for a scholarship online, the students come up with numerous questions related to multiple aspects of a scholarship application or selection. The answers to all such frequently asked questions related to scholarships have been covered below –

FAQs Related to Scholarship

FAQs Related to Scholarship Application

Q1. Am I eligible for the scholarship?

This is a common question that comes into the mind of every student when he/she comes across a scholarship. To get clarity on this, the students are advised to refer to the ‘Eligibility’ section of each scholarship. If they fulfil all the eligibility conditions specified, they can proceed with the application. 

Q2. How to apply for a particular scholarship?

The students are advised to read the ‘How can you apply’ section on the online scholarship page carefully (of the respective scholarship) before proceeding with the application process. You can simply follow the steps given in that section to proceed with the application. 

Q3. Why do I need to update my bank account details? 

A lot of bank mergers have taken place lately due to which the IFSC codes of various bank branches have changed. Thus, the students are advised to provide the updated IFSC code and other bank details in the scholarship application to ensure a hassle-free disbursement of scholarship amount into their accounts.

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FAQs Related to Scholarship Documents 

Q1. I am facing a challenge arranging the document that shows my source of income. I am a single child and my father/mother is a laborer. What should I do? 

In case, the earning members of your family are from the unorganized sector and all the transactions are being made in cash, you still can get an income certificate prepared for yourself. You simply need to contact your village tehsildar, district magistrate, collector, or other relevant district authorities and request them for an income certificate. You may or may not have to pay a fee for the same. The application fee varies from state to state. 

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Q2. How can I resize the documents as per the size specified by the scholarship provider? 

If your document is in jpg format, you can resize it using the following steps – 

Step 1: Open the image in ‘Paint’. 

Step 2: On the ‘Home’ tab of the paint toolbar, click on the ‘Resize’ button. You can resize your image by pixels or percentage. 

Step 3: If your image is larger than required, you can reduce the pixels/percentage accordingly. 

Furthermore, if your documents are in PDF format, you can resize it by following the steps below –

Step 1: Search for a ‘Compress PDF’ tool on Google. 

Step 2: Open a tool and upload the file you want to compress. 

Step 3: Click on the ‘Compress’ button. 

Step 4: A compressed version of your document will be downloaded. 

Q3. How can I scan my documents with my mobile?

Most of the advanced mobile phones come with an in-built document scanner that allows the users to scan their documents on the phone. If your phone does not have such an application, you can download one from the play store. You just need to search for ‘Document Scanner’ in the play store and various options will appear on your screen. Download the app with a good rating and use it to scan all your documents. 

FAQs Related to Scholarship Interview/Selection 

Q1. How to book a scholarship interview slot?

To book a scholarship interview slot for the scholarships hosted by Buddy4Study, follow the steps given below –

Step 1: Visit the official website of Buddy4Study.

Step 2: Login using registered id and password. After successful login, open the user dashboard.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Applied Scholarships’ tab to access the application status.

Step 4: An option for ‘Slot Book’ will appear on the screen. {NOTE: This option will only appear when the slot booking window is open).

Step 5: Select a suitable date and time as per your convenience and submit.

You may also add an alternate mobile number in the slot booking window, if you want to take up the interview on that number or else you will receive the interview call on your registered mobile number.

Q2. Why have I not been selected for the scholarship even after getting interviewed?

If you have not been selected for a scholarship even after the interview, the chances are that other prospective scholars might have performed better than you in the interview. This generally happens when the number of scholarships to be disbursed is lesser than the number of applications received. Remember, mere fulfilment of the eligibility criteria and appearing for a scholarship interview does not guarantee your selection for the scholarship. The final decision is solely made at the discretion of the scholarship provider.

In any case, you must keep applying for suitable scholarships and not lose heart.

Q3. Till when do students get this scholarship?

The implementation of any scholarship programme comprises multiple steps ranging from scholarship application to scholar selection to final disbursement of the scholarship amount. This generally takes time. Once all the applications are received, it takes around 15-20 days to shortlist the eligible applications. Furthermore, it takes another month to conduct the interviews of the shortlisted candidates or verify their documents submitted (whichever is applicable). Once the selection process is completed, it takes another month to finally disburse the scholarship amount into the account of the beneficiaries.

Thus, the students are requested to have patience while applying for a scholarship programme. 

General Questions – Buddy4Study

Q1. What is your contact number for general queries?

If you have any general query regarding the scholarships, you can email us at Also, you can submit your queries by visiting our contact us page

Q2. I forgot my B4S password. What should I do?

If you do not remember your B4S login password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ button. Once you click on it, you can recover your password using your registered mobile number or email ID. If you select the mobile number, you will receive an OTP on your number. Fill it and proceed to create a new password for the login. Furthermore, if you select the email id, you have to fill in your registered email id and a password reset link will be shared with you on your email address. 

Q3. How to make changes in the name/educational details section? 

In case, a student mistakenly enters incorrect educational details or name while creating a profile on Buddy4Study, he/she can get it rectified by sending an email to us at Our expert will contact you and assist you with the same.