Scholar Success Story – Read How Manjinder Kaur Plans to Become a CA with Her Determination

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” These words of Thomas A. Edison have deeply impacted the life of Manjinder Kaur, a bright and ambitious student of B.Com. (Hons.) who aims to become a Chartered Accountant. Her hard work and determination have helped her pursue both B.Com. and CA course simultaneously. It is the outcome of her efforts only that she became a scholar of Marubeni India Meritorious Scholarship 2018-19. She never lets any rolling stone become a hurdle in her pathway of success.

Read below the excerpts from her interview with Buddy4Study. You will get to know how she gets the courage and motivation to balance both the courses simultaneously.

Buddy4Study: Tell us something about your academic and professional journey till now.

After my class 10th, I opted for commerce stream in class 11th and 12th. Currently, I have registered for the CA-CPT exam and simultaneously pursuing B.Com. (Honours) from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University.

Buddy4Study: What motivated you to pursue an Honours degree in Commerce?

I aim of becoming a Chartered Accountant due to which I opted commerce in my Higher Secondary Examination. This further motivated me to pursue a B.Com. (Hons.) simultaneously with the CA course as both contain some common topics and subjects such as Financial Markets, Personal Tax Planning, Computer Application in Business and more. Today, I am able to prepare well for the CA programme with the help of my B.Com. curriculum.

Buddy4Study: Share with us the key challenges faced by you during the course of your journey to reach here?

Financial problem was the major challenge that I came across in my journey. Besides this, I also found it difficult to manage my time efficiently and maintain a positive attitude always.

Buddy4Study: Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

My only source of inspiration is my family, especially my mother. She has always inspired me to never give up and keep working, irrespective of how hard the situation is. She always stands by my side as a strong supportive pillar in every adverse situation.

Buddy4Study: How has your family supported you in your venture to pursue this course?

My family has always supported me in every step. The never made me feel low about anything. The decision of pursuing CA course along with B.Com. (Hons.) was tough. My parents encouraged me to do it. Their faith in me is my strength that helps me face every hurdle.

Buddy4Study: How do you come to know about the Marubeni Scholarship? What were the steps to avail the scholarship?

I came to know about Marubeni Scholarship through Buddy4study. I had registered myself with Buddy4study and received numerous emails about various scholarships.

I adopted the following steps for availing this scholarship –

  1. I applied for the scholarship online through Buddy4Study portal with all my documents.
  2. I went through the telephonic round of interview.
  3. After clearing the interview, I was invited for a felicitation ceremony where I received the scholarship amount.

I want to extend my cordial thanks to Buddy4study and Marubeni who have contributed to turning my dreams into reality.

Buddy4Study: What are your plans for the future and how do you plan to execute them?

My aim is to become a Chartered Accountant and I am working towards it only. I plan to start my Articleship, which is Practical Training of the CA course after completing my graduation. Thereafter, I will also start preparing for the Final exams.

Buddy4Study: Any piece of advice that you would like to impart to other potential aspirants like you who are constrained by various challenges towards pursuing higher education.

There is a saying –

“Manjil unhi ko milti hai, Jinke sapno me jaan hoti hai,

Pankh se kuchh nahi hota, Haunslo se hi udaan hoti hai.”

There are no limits that can bind you. It is your mind which creates limitations for you. Let your mind be free. Work hard and make all your dreams come true!

Does the story of Manjinder Kaur inspire you? If yes, then start looking up for scholarships as per your academic qualification and apply for them.