Scholar Success Story – PNB Scholarship Recipient Ayush Khaitan Takes Inspiration From His Dad

Ayush Khaitan, like many of us, comes from a middle-class family. He had to think twice before deciding to get enrolled in MBA which is a very expensive course. He takes inspiration from his dad who has supported him throughout his life. It’s the same inspiration that probably helped him grab an opportunity in the form of PNB Housing Finance Limited Protsahan Scholarship.

This scholarship has given him the impetus to go ahead and achieve even greater things in life. We got in touch with Ayush Khaitan and asked him a few questions. Here are the excerpts from the same. Read the Scholar Success Story of Ayush Khaitan.

Buddy4Study: Tell us a little about your academic and professional journey till now.

Ayush: I was born and brought up in Kolkata. I did my schooling and graduation from Kolkata itself. I am a Business Administration graduate with specialisation in Finance. Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s in Marketing from the Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur. I am a fresher and I do not have any prior work experience.

Buddy4Study: Why did you choose to pursue Marketing as your field of specialization?

Ayush: I like to interact with people and I feel that I have good interpersonal skills too. So, I thought Marketing would be a good choice for me to pursue as a specialization in my Master’s degree.

Buddy4Study: What difficulties did you encounter during the course of your educational journey?

Ayush: As such, I did not face any difficulties during my educational journey. The only thing I believe is to stay positive and keep faith in God.

Buddy4Study: Who has been your source of inspiration?

Ayush: My dad has been my biggest source of inspiration. He is the one who has always helped me throughout my journey.

Buddy4Study: Tell us a little about your family’s contribution towards your venture to pursue an MBA course.

Ayush: My family has helped me a lot in my decision of pursuing an MBA course, be it moral support or financial support. Coming from a middle-class family, it is never easy to convince your family to allow you to pursue such an expensive course. But in my case, it was nothing as such. My whole family was very supportive, and it is also one of the main reason that keeps me going in tough times.

Buddy4Study: How did you come to know about the PNB Housing Finance Limited Protsahan Scholarship? What steps did you follow to apply for this scholarship?

Ayush: I came to know about PNB Housing Finance Limited Protsahan Scholarship through a briefing that was organised in my college by PNB officials. The steps to apply for the scholarship were very simple. First, we had to make an account on Buddy4Study. Then, fill in the required details and upload the relevant set of documents. I was very impressed by the ease of the application process as well as the cooperation I received throughout.

Buddy4Study: How do you plan to spend the scholarship amount that you have won?

Ayush: I will use the whole amount for financing my education.

Buddy4Study: What goals have you set for yourself in the future?

Ayush: My goal is to become an entrepreneur and make my family proud. Also, I always believe in staying simple and being a good and helpful person throughout my life.

Buddy4Study: How do you plan to give back the support to the society that you gained from it?

Ayush: I would like to provide support through the people working in NGOs. I would like to provide education to the underprivileged.

Buddy4Study: What advice would you like to give to the young ones who want to pursue higher education?

Ayush: You should never settle down and always aim for more. It’s all about pushing harder and staying motivated in difficult times. Doing this will help you achieve your goal.

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