Dec 2017 Edition: Scholarships for differently abled students

In this fast-moving world, the differently abled kids are still carrying a burden of challenges in many areas of development – the biggest being education. Even after huge advancements in the field of science and technology, we are still governed by the theory of ‘the survival of the fittest’.

The need of the hour is helping differently abled students become independent and the first step and the best way to do it is by the means of education. In line with the said endeavour, here’s a list of scholarships available for disabled kids that could pave the path for a successful future for them.

Kanthari Scholarship for Social Change 2017

Kanthari Scholarship for Social Change 2017 is for applicants over 22 years of age who have dealt and overcome life challenges, such as disability, poverty, war, discrimination and exploitation. The selected candidates will be provided training fee and accommodation. The applicant must have a plan to create an impactful social project or initiative and should have command over English along with basic knowledge of using computers.

Last date to apply: 31 Dec 2017

Financial Assistance to 100% Differently abled Children of ESM (Ex-Servicemen) 2017

Financial Assistance To 100% Disabled Child of ESM is a scholarship for children of Ex-Servicemen (ESM), suffering from 100% disability. The disability covered could be caused naturally, through accident or through disease. The scholarship is given by Kendriya Sainik Board which is operational for the resettlement and rehabilitation of ESM/widows and their dependents.

Last date to apply: 31 Dec 2017

Sindhutai Sapakal Scheme for Educating Orphans and Children with Special Needs 2017

Sindhutai Sapakal Scheme for Educating Orphans & Children with Special Needs 2017 by Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation (ABC) is for orphan students belonging to the Brahmin community and persons with special need. The objective is to providing them financial assistance for education and other related expenses like fees, books, hostel and mess charges.

Last date to apply: 31 Dec 2017

These scholarships act as the stepping stones towards the success of our society as a whole. Through programs like these, we are opening the doors of education for many, eventually helping them live independently with a bright future to look forward to. Visit and register today to get the information about various scholarships and their benefits.

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