8 most unusual scholarships that exist

Do you have a smartphone? Do you click selfies? Well, most of us do, isn’t’ it? Did you know that your selfie can earn you a handsome 3000$ scholarship? Yes, you read it right. The world is a strange place. But this is what makes it interesting. The world of scholarships is no exception. In this post, we are going to tell you about eight scholarships that are outright unusual, unheard of and in some sense, weird. Here is the list of top 8 most weird and unusual scholarships that we know:

Pool of Unusual Scholarships of the world

Future selfie scholarship

Yes, a scholarship for taking selfies. Offered by Bankrate, this scholarship invites applicants to send a selfie that they believe reflects their future selves. The image should be a reflection of how the applicants see their future self. It could be about something like 10 years from now I will be a Lawyer or a Doctor or a Space Scientist or a Hacker or anything else. Sounds like a deal? Get set folks, at least now you have a legitimate reason to keep nurturing that narcissist in you.

Scholarship for aggressive scholarship applicants

This one is quite interesting. And Buddy4Study can be your launchpad. Do you apply for every single scholarship that exists? Is your inbox filled with hundreds of confirmation emails from unusual scholarships providers? This is your chance then. As it is said, patience pays, the scholarship for aggressive scholarship applicants by Debt.com pays for applying for as many scholarships as you can. Just send a copy of all the confirmation emails you have received and voila! You can get 500$ worth of scholarship. Check out hundreds of scholarships that you can apply for right here. (Buddy4Study hosts thousands of national as well international scholarships that you can apply for and stand a chance to win).

Scholarship for left-handers

Well, I could apply for this. If you have ever fretted over the fact that scissors are only designed for right-handers, worry not. The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley left-handed scholarships have got you covered. If you are southpaw and proud owner of A grader mark sheets, apply for this unusual scholarships and stand a chance to win 1500$.

Scholarship for number 5

All your life you thought that only A graders make it for scholarships. Alas, nobody told you that simply knowing number 5 can win you 1500$ worth of scholarship. Yes, that’s right. If you can write an essay on number 5 and signify its importance, fifteen hundred dollars are yours for taking. Known as the ‘Fifth Month Scholarship’ by Unigo, this one of its kind contest asks you to be as imaginative as possible about the number 5. How about we have five fingers, five senses, five continents for a starter.

Scholarship for ice cream flavour

If you were an ice cream, what flavour would you be? Really! I have never given it a thought. But this does sound interesting. And yes, if you define it creatively, you can win 1500$ as scholarship. Known as ‘Flavour of the month scholarship’, this is one really good reason to scoop out an inventive essay while you relish your favourite ice cream.

Physical feature Unusual Scholarships: Scholarship for being tall

It is getting crazier, isn’t it? If affinity to number 5 and imagining yourself as a flavour was not enough, we also have a unusual scholarships for being really tall. Known as Talls International Scholarship, these folks are ready to shell out as much as a thousand dollars (1000$) just because you are a 5’10” or above female or 6’2″ or above male. No, stretching now wouldn’t work. Being elongated vertically is a gift. However, go ahead and make your tall claim.

Unusual Scholarships on your eating preferences: Scholarship for going vegan

Going vegan is a trend of sorts these days. The Turkey just thanked me for this golden statement. Anyway, you are entitled to a scholarship worth a whopping 10000$ if you can prove that you have campaigned for going vegan. That’s it! Snatch that piece of chicken from your brother’s mouth and click a picture. Put up posters all over your neighbourhood and declare yourself the Messiah of animals. Just joking! check out the details on their website and fund your education with this out-of-the-world unusual scholarships.

Make me laugh scholarship

Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Yeah, that is what your application is supposed to do. If you think you are the born comic, that all the bones in your body are funny bones, give it a shot. If your application makes the scholarship provider laugh, ROFL, LOL anything, you could win 1500$ straight. Hilarious, literally.

Unusual or Usual: Buddy4Study is the Scholarship Bank for you

Well, there are many such unusual scholarships that are comparatively simple to win and yet serve the purpose of funding your education. As long as it keeps helping students pursue their dreams, we don’t mind. If you know of more such scholarships, drop in a comment. If you wish to launch one, you are welcome. Check out all the scholarships available on Buddy4Study here. Do not forget to register and make your profile.