Ultimate Guide to Indo-French Meritorious Scholarship 2018

Paris – the city of lights! Celebrated as the centre of arts, culture and cuisine in Europe for centuries, the capital of France has also emerged as the leading student city in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be a student in the rich and vibrant atmosphere of this colourful city – basking in its myriad sights, sounds, smells, and sensations? No one would pass on an opportunity to study in one of the world’s most well developed education systems; that too supported by the Indo-French Meritorious Scholarship.

The Indo-French Meritorious Scholarship is one such golden opportunity for students interested in pursuing an MS in Digital Marketing or Hospitality and Luxury Business Management. Lotus Business School, Pune, in association with College de Paris, France, has launched this scholarship to attract meritorious students from India to these two courses.

College De Paris

Dating back to 1949, the College de Paris has been bringing French excellence to the fore through recognized education institutes possessing three fundamental values:

  1. International Openness – This is the institution’s core mission and value, and its reason for being. All its programs are specifically designed to welcome international students and specially trained teaching staff is well equipped to support multicultural and multilingual groups.
  2. Pedagogical Excellence – All programs lead to certifications recognized by national or international evaluation bodies and offer a great platform for integration into the global labour markets. Students are taught by expert faculty, comprising of top academicians and recognized professionals in the field.
  3. Individualized student support – Each student receives individualized support to achieve their personal ambitions and success – before, during, and after the training.

MS in Digital Marketing

Interested in learning about digital marketing while living in a city designated as the design hub of the world? If you are nodding along, then the Master’s program (MS) in Digital Marketing at College De Paris is for you. This specialised Master’s degree, taught in only a few European universities, gives students an opportunity to focus on digital marketing concepts and techniques, and gain an understanding of the technologies that underpin them. Through real-world marketing projects and simulated business exercises, the program gives plenty of opportunities to students to practise their skills and grow their networks.

The program is conducted over 1 year, with a 4-month pre-cursor program at Lotus Business School to equip them with the basic subjects and French Language, followed by the second semester taught at College De France’s constituent unit, Digital College, ranked 4th in France. Students also get a chance to visit Silicon Valley in the United States for a 5-day field visit.

MS in Hospitality & Luxury Business Management

What better place to learn about hospitality than the Hospitality Hub of the world – Paris! A degree in Hospitality & Luxury Business Management at Ascecia Business School, a constituent of the College de Paris, will open doors to many opportunities in the areas of travel and tourism and food and beverage industries for students. The program seeks to prepare students to interact with people of different backgrounds, provide the best customer service and ensure that they enjoy every minute of their time.

Conducted over 2 semesters, the program consists of a 4-month pre-cursor program at Lotus Business School to equip students with the basic subjects and French Language, followed by 12 months at College de Paris for the second semester and internship.

How to Apply for Indo-French Meritorious Scholarship

To apply for the scholarship, students need to fill the 5-step online application form here.

Based on merit, students will be shortlisted for a short telephonic interview.

Candidates are shortlisted based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic performance and relevance to the course applied
  2. Work experience
  3. French Language Proficiency Level
  4. Financial ability
  5. Motivation & Adaptability

Once the students clear their scholarship interview, they need to apply again through the admission application form of Lotus Business School to receive conditional admission offer letter.

The fees for both the courses is 11,800 Euros. With the scholarship, students will be awarded 10 to 25% discount on their tuition fees depending upon certain parameters. For exceptional candidates, the scholarships can be extended beyond 25 % too.

So do not let this golden opportunity pass you by! Apply for the Indo-French Meritorious Scholarship 2018 today!