Tips to Deal with the Problems of Writer?s Block and Lack of Time

Any type of essay writing can be a challenge for students in India, whether it is persuasive, descriptive, analytical, narrative, or argumentative essays. Most of the students really find the essay writing process as a hectic and mind-numbing task. In fact, they encounter most of the problems while writing a paper and always try to dodge the assaults of plagiarism, writer’s block, lack of time and procrastination. Besides these issues, collecting facts and information through conducting research, citing reliable references, creating an attention-grabbing thesis statement and musing on concepts, are the most common problems with students. Indeed, if they will try to know these issues, they will be able to correct the situation so that they can effectively write their academic assignments.

In this article, we will discuss the two main issues, writer’s block and lack of time.

Writer’s Block

As far as the issue of writer’s block is concerned, it’s a condition, mostly related to the process of writing, in which a student loses his or her capability of producing new work. The condition ranges in trouble from producing or originating new ideas to being incapable to produce a work for years. In fact, writer’s block is a demoralising feeling of impracticality to write because of some problems, which include stress, ill health, personal issues, etc. Keep in mind that it may critically damage your overall writing skills and ability.

Let’s explore some useful tips that can assist you:

  • If you lack interest in your given topic or even in your subject, try to find an aspect of it that may motivate you and stimulate your curiosity.
  • If you lack capabilities and expertise, try to tell yourself that everything, regardless of its difficulty, you will have to do.
  • Try to start writing and forget that you are not capable. Just write, doesn’t matter you produce something rubbish. When you will write the words on paper, you will definitely observe that you are developing and improving your skills gradually.
  • After that, you can also divide your writing project into some sections and each section will be managed independently. You will have to think about every concept and idea, and then make a connection between them finally.
  • Remember, before writing you should discuss the topic of your essay with your any family member, classmate, friend or teacher. This approach is very effective as you can get more than enough things to develop your concepts and definitely you will see that you are gripping your topic gradually.

In fact, there are a number of methods to eliminate the issue of writer’s block. You just need to properly address your particular problem (s) that really disturbs you while you are writing.

Lack of Time

Lack of time is also one of the most common problems that students faced during their academic years. It has been seen that lack of time can deter you from writing. There are many factors of this problem, such as poor time management, uncontrollable circumstances, tough timetable, personal or family matters, and much more. These all issues can disturb you and even you can lose your academic year.

There are more than a few methods to effectively tackle the common issue; however, one of the helpful methods is time management to cope with this problem. Behold the following tips:

  • Set a plan before writing, which includes your aim and objective and what you will do during a specific time period.
  • You should divide your writing task into smaller pieces if it is longer. Each part of your task should be looked steadily and independently.
  • If you think that you do not have the capability of doing a particular task, don’t panic and stop yourself. As an alternative, try to busy yourself in another activity that relates your present situation and try to exploit it.

You should do all your jobs in a wise manner. Try to question yourself, how you can spend your precious time for writing so that you can employ your time with absolute efficiency. Once you have organised yourself, you will be able to rule your time.

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